A key character from the BBC fantasy series had a slightly different outcome in the original Philip Pullman novels * Contains spoilers *

Sunday 20th December 2020, 7:51 p.m.

The season two finale of His Dark Materials was full of action, tragedy, and shocking revelations More than one character met its creator when our heroes clashed with Specters and the Magisterium

However, a character death in the BBC fantasy drama has been subtly but decisively changed from the original text by author Philip Pullman, which gave it a completely different glitz when it left the story

Read below to find out what exactly the TV adaptation changed and how, but be careful – if you haven’t seen the season two finale of His Dark Materials, look away now …

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Of course, His Dark Materials has seen some major characters die lately, with Ariyon Bakare’s malevolent Lord Boreal being poisoned last week while the heroic Lee Scoresby (Lin-Manuel Miranda) fell in a desperate exchange of fire with Magisterium troops The Finale

Though sad, these two deaths more or less worked out, as Pullman tells them on the side of The Subtle Knife (the second book in the His Dark Materials trilogy, on which the second season is largely based) – but it is not the case for the eventual death of Andrew Scotts Jopari, alias John Parry, shaman and flawed father of Amir Wilson’s will

In the books, Will and Jopari meet in the dark, the latter realizing that this is the knife-bearer he was looking for. After a brief chat in which Parry Sr heals his son’s fingers, the couple are only just beginning to realize who they are to each other Moments before Jopari is killed by a passing witch named Juta Kamainen, who swore to kill him after declining her romantic advances years earlier

It’s a tragic end to a happy reunion – which is why the TV adaptation may do it differently.In the second season of His Dark Materials, Jopari and Will actually recognize their connection almost immediately (aided by the daytime scene), which is a longer one Allows conversation about Jopari’s mistakes and their time between them

“It’s really you, I thought you were dead,” Will tells his father. “Why didn’t you come back to us?”

Jopari is held responsible for leaving Will and his unwell mother, and explains that he was looking for an “end to tyranny” that would benefit Will – but his son gets none of it. p>

In general, it’s a much longer and more intense exchange than the couple managed to get in the book Jopari duly informs Will of his mission – to bring the subtle knife to Lord Asriel (James McAvoy) and use it to defeat Authority (a kind of version of God made from his dark materials)

“If you are the knife carrier, you have a task ahead of you,” says Jopari. “The fate of many worlds may be on you”

He adds, “You are a warrior, Will you are a warrior,” before agreeing the couple can go home for good after this mission is completed. It is time to cause deadly tragedy, we think but this has also changed a bit for the screen

Instead of a vengeful witch, it is actually a rogue magisterium sniper who finally gives Jopari wings (just before Jopari’s demon Sayan Kötör takes out the sniper) and allows the unfortunate shaman one last moment with Will before his demon disappears

Aside from the last few words being pretty cool final words, that statement also gives hints of what’s next for Will in season three of His Dark Materials – but we won’t get into that for now

Instead, we’ll just note that in an adaptation known for adding and expanding the source material rather than completely changing it, the death of Jopari is one of the most significant changes in the finale, while we’re a little bit of the brutal Lose tragedy that Will and his father get so close without properly bonding, the TV version hammers home the loss and abandonment Will faced and the struggles he has ahead of him >

But who knows? In a story of magic, talking bears and parallel worlds, it is certainly possible that Jopari has not quite managed to impart wisdom to his son

Its second season of Dark Materials is now streamed on BBC iPlayer. Want to watch something different? Check out our full TV guide

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