Hugh Bonneville posted an ironic statement on Instagram in response to fans who suggested he used a filter to “airbrush” a “look for his appearance on The One Show this week.” / p>

The Downton Abbey actor was promoting his new film To Olivia, in which he plays legendary child writer Roald Dahl, who lost his seven-year-old daughter Olivia to measles before a vaccine against the disease was developed

Bonneville has also volunteered as Marshal at his local vaccination center, encouraging the public to receive their vaccination puffs if they meet the current criteria

Some viewers commented on his youthful glamor, while others said he may have used a filter to try to look younger than his 57 years

The star has now responded to the reaction on social media with a very funny statement, posting a picture of herself in front of a green screen and announcing, “STATEMENT: I ​​recently did a number of cosmetic procedures including rhinomicroscopy and breast indecision , Cheek plasty, follicoliopoly, tooth coverage, lipodonction and aura mist Hope that clears things up #filtergate #iamnotacat #TheOneShow @bbctheoneshow “

He was also referring to the US attorney who appeared behind a cat filter that he couldn’t turn off during a formal meeting

Fans and followers were delighted with his post and thought it was great that he had applied his sense of humor to the Filterfock, with one comment: “With an incision of a brilliantly sharp sense of humor!”

Another added, “Hi Hugh, I’m a doctor, I just believe that you have actually lost weight and got in shape. Congratulations to you Take care dear sir”

Meanwhile, Hugh recently raised the hopes of Downton Abbey fans by confirming that the movie’s sequel is still very important – and could come to fruition once the cast and crew are vaccinated

The actor plays Lord Grantham in the ITV drama and its 2019 film adaptation

On BBC Radio 2’s Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, the star stated, “If everyone who is offered a vaccine takes a vaccine, we can make a movie, we will make a movie””

“We’d love to, we really want to, and I think it’s the kind of enjoyable release of a film like the first that audiences would enjoy after all the mess we’ve been through “he added

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Hugh Bonneville

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