Chris Eubank will sit down with Piers Morgan on the latest episode of Piers Morgan’s life stories, but how much do you know about the former boxing champ? Find out everything about his personal life here, from his three marriages to his children

Chris Eubank was married three times. He tied the knot with his first wife, Karron, in 1990.The two were married for 15 years before going separate ways on charges of cheating on Chris

Talking about their breakup in the latest episode of Piers Morgan’s life stories, Chris remembered his shock when Karron told him she was going to get a divorce “I didn’t believe it when she said she wanted a divorce I said, “You can’t be serious”She said, ‘Yeah’ I said OK, ‘But I didn’t believe it, And I think it was about a year and a half later when we got divorced’

Almost ten years later, in 2014, the former boxer tied the knot with Claire Geary for the second time in a ceremony in Las Vegas.Claire was both Chris’ manager and the manager of his son Chris Eubank Jr at the time The middleweight boxer was reportedly the best man for the couple’s big day

At the time, Chris admitted the wedding was impromptu during their vacation when the couple wanted to get married before Claire returned to their Dubai home, sadly it wasn’t meant to be and the two separated after three years

Chris revealed during his appearance on Life Stories that he is now happily married to a new woman whose identity remains unknown. The 54-year-old told Piers that his new wife prefers to keep her life out of the spotlight However, some details about their relationship are known. He told Piers that the two met at the Dorchester Hotel and now live together in Louisiana, where his new bride is originally from

While married to his first wife, Chris fathered four children, sons, Chris Jr (31), Sebastian (29) and Joseph (24) as well as the daughter Emily (26)

He also shares 32-year-old Nathanael with ex-girlfriend Cynthia Wilson.While the boxing champion initially stayed out of his son’s life, the two reconciled in 2017.Like his three half-brothers, Nathanael has followed in his father’s footsteps and has one Career in the ring pursued

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