The BT Sport host supported the colleague and asked himself optimistically whether a softer football discourse might be possible

What, asked Nick Lowe in the 1974 song that told Elvis Costello about the immortality of pop five years later, is so funny about peace, love and understanding?

For those three or something similar, there was a plea for a memorable piece of sports television over the weekend when BT Sports host Jake Humphrey used a minute just before kick-off on Saturday in Tottenham vs Leeds to convey a message of support for Karen Carney This Expert was the recipient of what Humphrey described as “horrific, misogynistic, sexist, heinous abuse” after her comments on Leeds Tuesday night during an Amazon Prime broadcast of her game with West Bromwich Albion

Carney, a former England international, had speculated whether the perpetual motion running methods demanded by Leeds coach Marcelo Bielsa would tire his players more than rivals towards the end of a punitive campaign, reflecting the forced interruption of the coronavirus last spring lets close came at the right time for her. She added a bit of mustard to say, “I think they got promoted because of Covid because it gave them a little peace of mind”

Personally, I like it when the old pros say something fun, provocative, controversial, or stupid rather than “obviously they have a large group of guys giving 110 percent” but let’s go for some Leeds supporters were the remarks more than pale

Someone filmed a clip of the screen on their cell phone In portrait The club transferred this to their 660 from their official account000 followers tweeted, if not on purpose, to the bunch that followed, which Humphrey precisely characterized, and then certainly led to it

Carney then deleted her Twitter account The club didn’t remove the tweet.Many people felt more abused than usual for being female.Other people, including many Leeds fans, said online she would have been treated just as roughly if she had been male for me, this didn’t have the Ring of Truth

A very modern affair that is characterized by toxicity and defiance And really bizarre when viewed from a distance

Especially in this case, there is the obvious paradox that people deeply upset and anger the statements of an expert, but also indicate that their opinion has no meaning because she is an expert

But in general also very “now” how quickly the original comments or incidents become just a vessel for other feelings. The real event in football (and indeed the news in general now) is just the starting gun, that Reaction and the reaction to the reaction become a spectacle

Football, a game of moments, has always been well suited for the social media age: You don’t have to watch every 90 minutes to passionately react to the miracle goal, the unheard of skill and the ability to referee- Idiocy, the Var Atrocity Likewise, you don’t have to see the comments in their context or read the article to fire a volley. For some, this has become almost like a human right: a power with no responsibility

Facts and the material world are difficult and stubbornly against our will – just look at how the coronavirus has refused to obey the traditional ceasefire without heeding the wishes of the government – but polarized opinions and tribal hostility are Wells that still exist run dry

Humphrey closed his segment calling for more kindness and respect in 2021. I admire his optimism but think more of soccer than another Nick Lowe song, The Beast In Me, famous for Johnny Cash, “That The animal in me is locked in by fragile and fragile bars that are restless during the day and the stars rage and rage at night. “Soccer is our howling ID and its online beast needs to be fed

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Karen Carney

World News – UK – Jake Humphrey is right to speak up for Karen Carney when he asks if 2021 could be the year of the good life