Timberlake not only apologized to Spears, but also apologized to Janet Jackson for the “cloakroom malfunction” of the 2004 Super Bowl

Justin Timberlake has publicly apologized to Britney Spears for his actions after they split nearly 20 years ago and were featured in a recent documentary

The singer has been criticized for an old interview on Framing Britney Spears dealing with sex with the star, the documentary also highlights his 2002 Cry Me A River video, which pointed out that Spears cheated on him , and how this affected their image at the time

And since the program was released on Jan. February also rekindled controversy surrounding Timberlake’s 2004 Super Bowl performance alongside Janet Jackson, in which he exposed one of her breasts in a “wardrobe malfunction.” Jackson bore the brunt of the criticism while his solo career flourished

Timberlake posted a statement on Instagram in which he explicitly apologized to both women and said he would “do better” in the future

“I am very sorry for the times in my life when my actions added to the problem, when I did not speak properly or did not speak for what was right,” he wrote, “I see that I came up short in these and many other moments and benefited from a system that tolerates misogyny and racism

“I would like to specifically apologize to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson for caring for and respecting these women and for knowing I have failed

“I also feel compelled to respond, in part because everyone involved deserves better, and more importantly, this is a bigger conversation that I wholeheartedly want to participate in and grow “

Timberlake went on to say that the entertainment industry is “flawed” and favors white men – something he didn’t realize in his youth but which he now wants to address

“It prepares men, especially white men, for success,” he wrote. “It is designed like this. As a man in a privileged position, I need to talk about this

“Because of my ignorance, I did not realize it, even though it happened in my own life, but I never want to benefit from others being dragged down again

“I have not been perfect at managing all of this my entire career. I know this apology is a first step and does not resolve the past. I want to take responsibility for my own failures in all of this and be part of a world who rises and supports

“I care deeply about the well-being of the people I love and have loved, I can do better and I will do better”

Framing Britney Spears was made by the New York Times and explores the star’s rise to fame, the misogyny she faced throughout her career, and the controversy surrounding her father who controls her finances – a conservatory, against that she is currently fighting in court

Spears didn’t participate in the documentary himself, but appeared to be referring to it on a social media post, saying, “Every person has their story and their attitude to other people’s stories. We all have so many different bright beautiful ones Life

“Remember, whatever we think we know about someone’s life, it is nothing compared to the actual person who lives behind the lens”

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