British union leader Keir Starmer spoke on Thursday in a speech about a “new chapter for Britain” but the London MP I didn’t even mention Scotland in his speech and made his political opponents cry north of the border, as they brand his vision of future “rewarmed Blairism”

In the post-pandemic UK, Keir Starmer sees a land comprised of science, technology and work, and he relies on the spirit of World War II to motivate voters

“I think there is a mood in the air that we don’t often notice in Britain. It was there after the war in 1945 and now there again,” he says

This was one of many references to the war generation in the Labor leader’s long speech on Thursday Starmer was clearly inspired by the past, while at the same time criticizing Boris Johnson’s Conservatives for looking backwards too

Tories, Starmer says, are offering “a roadmap for yesterday’s Another Decade of Insecurity and Inequality,” and he pledged that Labor would choose a long-term path focused on addressing inequality for “a safer and more successful one Build Economy ”

He offered a series of budget proposals to help lift families out of poverty and assist local councils Some of the measures he proposed have already been delegated to the Scottish Government

Although Keir Starmer managed half a dozen references to World War II and the Blitz, Scotland was a subject he didn’t mention in his speech on the future of Britain

There was also no mention of the Constitution, independence or the upcoming Holyrood elections – although Labor believes the economy is the most important issue for all British voters, including those in Scotland

“In his speech today, Keir Starmer put forward an ambitious UK recovery bond plan that would bring tremendous benefits to people across the UK, including Scotland,” said a Scottish Labor source

The party has only one Scottish MP in Edinburgh and has endeavored to make a significant breakthrough in opinion polls

Today our moral crusade must be to address the inequalities and injustices that this crisis has so brutally exposed

SNP says Starmer needed Thursday’s speech to get “his stalled leadership” back on track, but only delivered “tired soundbites, rewarmed Blairism and not a single mention of Scotland”

“There is now so little to differentiate between Boris Johnson’s Tories and Keir Starmer’s Labor – both parties are imposing a hard Brexit and rejecting Scotland’s right to choose our own future in a referendum after the pandemic,” says Kirsten Oswald, deputy Chairwoman of the SNP Westminster, MP

“With Scottish Labor conceding the next Scottish elections, there is no point in voting for Labor They just let Boris Johnson continue to ignore Scotland and impose undesirable guidelines”

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