Kelechi Okafor took to social media to explain that she accidentally overheard host Emma Barnett while she was on the air

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Actress Kelechi Okafor pulled out of Woman’s Hour shortly before she was due to go on the air after accusing host Emma Barnett of making “humiliating” comments about her

The podcaster and TV star was invited to chat on the BBC Radio 4 show to talk to host Emma about the #MeToo movement

She claims on social media that right before the interview, she overheard a conversation where she heard herself “being talked about like a fucking head” “

Announcing her decision to step back from her Twitter followers, the British actress stated, “Hi folks, I’m coming out of women’s class because what I’ve just witnessed is utterly humiliating and mean”

In a second tweet she added: “The presenter didn’t know her microphone was on when she talked about me before the interview began I’ll just say “

Kelechi continued, “You can be seriously worried about something you have been told about me and address it in a friendly way. That was not what happened to myself and the other people speaking during the segment could hear me being talked about like a goddamn head

“If she hangs up so that the microphone is suddenly on, it’s good Kelechi, you can just explain it to me because I’m trying to give you a chance to explain it”” It was up to your producers to explain and conduct their research. It was up to you to check your microphone “

Kelechi also featured a video on Instagram in which she said, “I’m not going to the women’s class now. The presenter didn’t notice that her microphone was on when she was talking to the producers about me”

After Kelechi’s allegations host Emma, ​​who began her new role as host of the women’s class on Monday, made a statement on Twitter

The Jewish host typed in: “Just before I went on the air this morning to present a special program about myself – tied to the anniversary of Harvey Weinstein’s trial – I became aware that one of our guests, Kelechi Okafor who had done this allegedly made anti-Semitic comments

“I also received press reports on the transcript of what she said on the podcast to support Reggie Yate’s comments on Jewish male managers and profits. Since Weinstein is also Jewish and was mentioned as part of the same podcast, I discussed with my producers the role of this guest given their allegedly anti-Semitic comments

“Kelechi overheard this chat via our open zoom link – 2 minutes before airtime I spoke directly to Kelechi about the allegations, answered my questions and said she could distribute her answer via the program She denied all allegations and hung up and decided not to be part of the program anymore. I stand by my questions to my team and Kelechi. And I would have liked to include her on the program – with a question on this topic

“I believe people can always answer for themselves – but it is also my duty to ask people what qualifies them as the leading voice in a room and about previous issues that might affect their views

“Every guest has the right to make their own decisions about whether they should appear in a program However, in the interests of fairness, I feel it is important to add a few details to the reports circulated in the press and social media

“Woman’s Hour is a wonderful platform known for its robust journalism that asks all the questions that need to be asked I am really enjoying my first week Emma Barnett”

When The Mirror reached out to the BBC for comment, they said, “During an off-air conversation prior to the program, Emma Barnett and the production team spoke about the role of a guest in the discussion and how Some of the guest’s alleged predecessors can be reflected on comments and the issue of anti-Semitism as part of the Woman’s Hour discussion on the role of minority voices in the MeToo movement. This was also discussed directly with the guest prior to the broadcast “

In 2017, Kelechi defended comments by then moderator Reggie Yates on Jewish people who were accused of being anti-Semitic

Back in November 2017, Reggie apologized after using the phrase “fat Jew” to refer to managers in the music industry during the halfcast podcast with DJ Chuckie Lothian

While praising artists who remain independent, he said, “The special thing about this new generation of (music) artists is that they don’t sign with majors

“They are independent, they are not run by a random fat Jew from North West London, but by their brothers”

After the comments, he publicly apologized in a statement saying, “I apologize very much for this funky comment”

He added: “It was not my intention to insult or reinforce stereotypes, but I am aware that this could have been interpreted and I am deeply sorry for that

“I actually wanted to say how proud I am of the new generation of artists who are achieving their success independently on their own terms, without relinquishing control or their rights to big labels”

After Reggie’s apology, Kelechi spoke on her Say Your Mind podcast – an episode that has since been removed from Soundcloud – and addressed what he said

The actress stated that she “had a big problem with people apologizing for the things they meant” and called Reggie’s statement of apology “well cared for”

Kelechi noted at the time that Yates’ comments were “not problematic” and added that he was “speaking the truth”

During the episode, she said that black people in art “were so briefly changed by the kind of people Reggie Yates describes”

Kelechi Okafor

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