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One Oasis superfan has spent thousands outfitting his house with band memorabilia – even though his fiancée isn’t a fan

John Smallbones, 45, fell in love with the Burnage boys in the 1990s. He was devastated when the Gallagher brothers went their separate ways

Over the past decade, John has sold Oasis merchandise worth around 12£ 000 accumulated – including vinyls, clothing and life-size cutouts

The window surveyor even named his company “Wall of Glass” after the popular Liam hit 2017. His van has stickers dedicated to the boys

“I have canvases all over the house, closets full of concert stuff, a bathroom full of memorabilia, and it’s all over the walls, really everywhere,” said John

“My kids know all the music – they have to because they can hear me sing along in the shower, where I have a stereo and speakers

“Whenever I drive in the van, Oasis blows up – I don’t listen to the radio, I just have their albums all day and on weekends I listen to their music on vinyl

“You go into the dining room, there are two cupboards full of Oasis items, and when you turn to go back out there is Liam Gallagher and Noel on the other side

“I actually had to jerk Noel down because the kids kept pinning him down

“My family honestly thinks I’m crazy! My other half doesn’t like my collection

“My other half said that when I die, she’ll throw the box that Liam cut out of Liam in with me!”

John first listened to the band to relax with his friends after heavy weekends

Then he went to Oasis concerts twice a year after seeing them 30 times before they split up in 2009

When it comes to choosing his favorite Oasis music, he says he can’t, but that his least favorite is Wonderwall “because it was dubbed”

John added, “It’s the music that made me like it so much at first, I heard it before I saw it, and the music was so different from anything else

“Obviously everyone was disappointed when they split up they thought this would be the end, there would be no more music from them”

Devastated by the breakup, John went on the Internet and started buying Oasis canvases to decorate the house He got lost in a world full of band memorabilia

John has done his part in supporting Liam’s solo career, attending concerts and around 7Raising £ 000 for younger brother’s Pretty Green clothing brand

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John said, “Liam is my favorite It’s his attitude and the way he stands on stage I think a lot of people like Liam would love to go on stage like him

“I spent thousands on the Pretty Green clothes. I have a double wardrobe with two rails and it’s all Pretty Green – I haven’t even worn any of them yet

“In the past four months, I’ve spent about £ 400 on Pretty Green shoes, I don’t tell my other half when I have new pairs – when they point out they’ve never seen a pair and I’m just saying , yes, you did, I just didn’t wear it! “

John shares his home in Andover, Hampshire with his extremely patient fiancée Elaine, 46, who has had just enough of the collection that is taking over their house

She goes to every Liam Gallagher concert with John, but doesn’t see herself as a fan of the band her husband loves so much

Elaine prefers Michael Jackson, Refugees, En Vogue, Mark Morrison, Boyzone and New Kids on the Block

She said, “I don’t mind their songs and I enjoy seeing Liam in concert, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I’m an Oasis fan

“I’m not excited about whether I’m listening to them or not I like some of their songs, but that’s it

“I only have one rule and it’s not Oasis or Liam Gallagher stuff in the bedroom!

“I wasn’t a fan of life-size cutouts at first, and neither were the kids, as they terrified us every time we walked into the room! I don’t notice anymore that they are there even though

“John has so many albums that a mix of music is always played. I have to say something when a new song comes out though, as it is repeated about 10 times the day it is released!

“Anyone who knows John knows how much he loves Oasis and Liam, I have to admit, I’ve never known anyone who is as dedicated a fan as John

John added: “I would love to meet her Of both of these, I would like to meet Liam the most

“People who’ve met him always say how down to earth he is, however, if you’ve met him, I doubt you’d want it to end

“It would be nice to just sit in a pub with him, that would be pretty cool”

Liam Gallagher

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