In the last episode, a familiar face appeared ** CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE MANDALORIC SEASON 2 FINAL **

Friday 18th December 2020, 1:11 p.m.

The season two finale of The Mandalorian has probably always been an action-packed affair – and it was exactly that

As if the return of Boba Fett and a big showdown with main antagonist Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) weren’t enough, the episode also saw a surprise appearance from one of Star Wars’ most iconic characters: Luke Skywalker

And while the majority of fans were pleased that the Jedi were returning to the group, some viewers had issues with the character’s cast

Luke’s appearance in the explosive finale was in the form of a cameo from original actor Mark Hamill, who was obsolete using digital technology, while Max Lloyd Jones acted as a body double

While this was enjoyable for some viewers, others found the effect a little uncomfortable – and several fans used social media to express their wishes, which Sebastian Stan (who has long been rumored to be taking on the role at some point) ) was occupied instead

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One Twitter user wrote, “Next time you bring Sebastian Stan back and not a CGI face, cast Sebastian Stan,” while another tweeted, “As amazing as @themandalorian’s finale was, why couldn’t they just do it Occupy #sebastianstan? ”

Cast Sebastian Stan next time you bring Luke back and no CGI face @Disney picTwittercom / VLvKyNLM48

And one fan wrote, “The CGI on #TheMandalorian was pretty bad I would have preferred you just had Sebastian Stan I understand it was Mark originally, but you need to let go of that obsession with the past and focus on it now make a quality product ”

However, not everyone agreed that Stan should have played the role for the cameo One social media user tweeted in capital letters: “IF MARK HAMILL WON’T PLAY LUKE SKYWALKER, IT WOULD NOT BE CORRECT””

Another fan agreed, adding, “People are upset for not using Sebastian Stan Let me be clear no one cares let’s just be glad they brought Luke Skywalker back,” and a third wrote : “Everything for Sebastian Stan, who is Luke Skywalker sometime in the future, but seeing @HamillHimself again in the role of Luke as a Kickass Jedi was WONDERFUL”

Stan, best known for playing the Winter Soldier in several Marvel films, has long been rumored to be a potential Luke Skywalker due to his resemblance to a young Hamill – and some fans still hope he ends up being the Jedi could play one of the several recently announced upcoming Star Wars projects

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Luke Skywalker

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