Money-saving expert Martin Lewis shared a very helpful trick to help customers get “free” spending at supermarket giant Sainsbury’s – how it works and who qualifies

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Money-saving champ Martin Lewis shared a very nifty trick that allows shoppers at Sainsbury’s to spend a free supermarket

The nifty hack involving American Express’ new gold rewards card could have consumers spend £ 184 on the chain in the coming months

In the 100 Following the Martin Lewis Money Show on Thursday, Martin said, “This is how you get serious shopping at Sainsbury’s

“If you are accepted for the card and in three months £ 3Spending 000 will get you 23000 Amex Reward Points, including a bonus of 20000 points

He continued, “Now that you can convert Avios points to Nectar, convert them to 36000 Nectar Points which you can then spend at Nectar partners, including Sainsbury’s which are worth £ 184″almost twice as much as they would normally suggest”

“This is a new thing, Avios to Nectar, and you can make Nectar to Avios too, so this trick works,” he added

“Be careful when you do this, but you can shop there for free”

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However, Martin cautioned viewers to only do this if their normal expenses exceeded 1£ 000 per month are

To convert points, account holders must link their accounts with Nectar and the British Airways Executive Club This can be done on either the Nectar or British Airways Executive Club websites

Select the option “Convert points” and swap your points in both directions


World News – UK – Martin Lewis shares the Nectar hack that lets you spend £ 187 for free at Sainsbury’s