Campion’s family confirmed the sad news on social media, stating that he died shortly before Christmas

His daughter Ashley tweeted, “Unfortunately, my father, Charles Campion, died on April 23rd December 2020 passed away

“He was a brilliant father, friend and husband. Everyone who came in contact with him got a little better off for it. I love you Dad!” “

Campion wrote columns, articles, and restaurant reviews for The Times, The Independent, and The Evening Standard during his career as a critic after quitting his advertising job

The food journalist became known to MasterChef viewers as a regular critic of the amateur, professional and celebrity editions

The writer was loved for his aversion to fancy food and terms He preferred traditional food that was well prepared and a classic sauce instead of a “jus”

News of his death was spread on social media by food journalist Dan Saladino at Christmas He tweeted, “Rest in peace, Charles Campion – a lover of good food (and food stories) and a great friend of @BBCFoodProg

“I will never forget our adventures in the land of Boudin Noir and the programs we did together, farewell friend”

Sad news of Charles Campion, the most knowledgeable, polite and clear-cut colleague at @MasterChefUK’s review table He lived for his family & talked about her a lot during breaks when he wasn’t grumbling about dessert parsley We’ll miss you CC imageTwittercom / FrRaUjMOMD

Charles Campion was a great and lovely man with a brilliantly funny sense of humor And boy he knew his subject I held my breath as he sat at the @ MasterChefUK table to see if I screwed up a point of detail, and he wanted to gently put me right A great loss https: // tco / SvgAtj7Qsb

Tracey MacLeod, who appeared alongside Campion on MasterChef, later tweeted, “Sad news about Charles Campion, the most knowledgeable, polite and clear-cut colleague at the @ MasterChefUK review table

“He lived for his family & often talked about her during the breaks, when he wasn’t grumbling about dessert parsley We’ll miss you CC ’

Critic and writer Jay Rayner added, “Charles Campion was a great and lovable man with an ingeniously funny sense of humor. And boy, he knew his subject

“I held my breath as he sat at the @ MasterChefUK table trying to find out if I screwed up a point of detail and he gently wanted to fix me”A big loss’

He wrote, “Very sad to hear from @markehix about the death of Charles Campion. He was a lovely man I have got to know well over the years, especially while filming countless episodes of MasterChef, which is what I mainly myself remember that he constantly complains about the lack of fries or potatoes on a plate, hates things like micro herbs; He would pick up a delicate, tiny head of baby coriander and study it with understandable confusion and his genuine, heartfelt and absolute admiration for sitting.We sometimes wondered when he gently lowered himself onto a sofa in the green room and then made a little moan of lust asked if we would be able to get him back on his feet in time for the film

Unfortunately, my father Charles Campion died on 23 December 2020 passed away He was a brilliant father, friend and husband Everyone who came into contact with him came off a little better for it â ?? ¤ï¸ ?? I love you dad! #charlescampion #oneofthegreats #missyou picTwittercom / ascHh91CBG

“Of all the critics I have ever known, he was certainly the definitive, professional eater. I remember one day he left the set and went to Australia, where he was diligent, serious and with great care for five days Would eat attention and pleasure Breakfast, lunch, tea, nibbles, dinner, and no doubt a few more meals in between. Sitting with him at Club Gascon’s five-year anniversary party in Smithfield Market. A waiter brought him the menu. He looked at it carefully, then said, “Yes That I have please’The entire menu

“But it’s not his legacy of how he ate or how much he ate. For me, it’s the excitement of delivering news of brilliant places he discovered and knew about small restaurants that are passionately run by people who really knew what they were doing; be it a family run curry house on a high street in Droitwich or an established London spot that he knew was reliably fabulous His knowledge was immense, as was his friendliness and interest in others who almost surpassed his love of rugby

“Charles, I see you in this little place in the sky where you will be happy in the corner A large napkin around your neck, an enviable appetite, unwavering when you set out to devour a gigantic feast How happy were those who knew you and fed you ’

The restorer Mark Hix announced on Instagram that Campion on 23 December died and that he was loved by everyone in the industry

Campion worked in advertising for 15 years before he decided to renovate an English country estate with his wife Sylvia and convert it into a hotel and restaurant

He then moved into the world of food writing and wrote seven issues of the Rough Guide to London Restaurants

Campion also wrote three cookbooks with Chef Theodore Kyriakou and a BBQ recipe book, as well as a culinary treatise titled Fifty Recipes To Put Your Life On

He co-presented the SkyTV series The Greatest Dishes of the World and produced work for BBC Radio

Charles Campion

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