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McDONALD and Dodds viewers launched a devastating attack on ITV for poor CGI in the hot air balloon crash scene

The drama returned with a new series on Sunday night and fans were furious when they described the special effects as “awful and ridiculous”

The disaster struck early when one of five friends appeared to fall out of the hot air balloon when a chord that tied the balloon and basket came loose

The producers opted for special effects to make the environment as realistic as possible, but Twitter users were everywhere and not in a good way

This less impressed fan added, “Is this a comedy or something? The piece in the balloon was ridiculous So obviously a green screen #McDonaldAndDodds”

While this user was wondering, “Surely @Itv can afford a better CGI or green screen than this one? #McDonaldAndDodds”

The characters of Barbara Graham (Patsy Kensit), Mick Elkins (Martin Kemp), Jackie Somner (Cathy Tyson) and Gordon Elmwood (Rupert Graves) were in the hot balloon, as was Frankie (Vince Leigh), who disappeared as if they were went back to the ground

A homicide investigation was conducted and it was found that Frankie was murdered by another character, but who could it be?

The unlikely duo of DCI McDonald (Tala Gouveia) and DS Dodds (Jason Watkins) are back and ready to solve another case

However, no plans have been confirmed for McDonald and Dodds to return for a third series

Recently, in February 2021, Watkins said he would “love” the third season – and maybe we could finally learn Dodd’s last name …

The actor said, “We never get the real first name of Dodds I have an idea what it is but I can’t share that I really hope the audience enjoys these two films. We’d love to do more”

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McDONALD and Dodds

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