Marvel’s Eternals could answer one of the last riddles about Thanos – how he acquired the thought stone before the other infinity stones

The Eternals could solve one of the final riddles of the MCU’s Infinity saga – how Thanos attained the Mind Stone.The first three phases of the MCU were based on the Infinity Stones, objects of immeasurable power that arose before creation itself became coveted by Thanos, the mad titan, in his insane endeavor to bring the universe into balance

The story of the Infinity Stones seems to have come to an end in today’s MCU.As Thanos successfully completed his mission, he subsequently destroyed the Infinity Stones on his own to prevent anyone from the horrors he had caused Undone His act left the surviving Earth Heroes with no choice but to use time travel and collect the Infinity Stones from previous points on the timeline to reverse the snapshot

The Infinity Stones may have disappeared, but that doesn’t mean the MCU is ignoring its pastEternals seems in part to be some sort of precursor to the MCU; The story turns 7Spanning 000 years and showing their immortal characters interacting with people at different times in history that means there is the potential to learn more about the Infinity Stones themselves

The Eternals are tied to an ancient race of beings known as Celestials, powerful beings who appear to have a mysterious connection with the Infinity Stones.In Guardians of the Galaxy, the collector claimed that the Infinity Stones were originally singularities, the survived the creation of the universe, and they were “forged” into their current form. It is possible that the Celestials were the ones who did the deed, because they have certainly been associated with at least two Infinity Stones in the MCU so far The Collector showed the Guardians a record of a sky using the power stone to judge entire worlds and civilizations in days long past and in Avengers: Endgame, Nebula claimed that the soul stone was hidden on Vormir, which she called “the center of heavenly civilization” “If the heavenly ones were connected to two infinity stones, it certainly means that they could also be connected to the others. p>

In the comics, the Celestials were also the ones who created the Eternals, an evolutionary offshoot of humanity.The genesis of the Eternals seems to have been changed in the MCU, but it still maintains a connection with the Celestial Actor Kumail Nanjiani spoke on the San Diego Comic-Con 2019 a little more detailed about the origin of the Eternals “We were sent to earth thousands of years ago to protect the earth from these monsters, the deviants,” he explained. It appears that the Heavenly Ones are those who sent the Eternals on their mission to Earth, although unclear is whether they are the ones who also gave the Eternals their powers. It is therefore entirely possible that the Infinity Stones are somehow involved in this story as well

Thanos also has ties to the Eternals in the comics – and all evidence suggests the MCU chose to keep those ties up in the comics, Thanos was born in the Eternal Colony of Titan to the renowned scientist A’lars Titan’s history has been rewritten in the MCU – apparently it was hit by an ecological disaster – but those basic ideas appear to have been retained in Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos used the fate of his homeworld titan to justify his insane mission as he Visited Vormir to acquire the soul stone, the Red Skull called it “Thanos, son of A’lars” “

The MCU is clearly changing a lot of Eternals lore, so it is possible that Titan is not the Eternals colony in the films, but their homeworld. If that is the case, Thanos is an Eternal, just like in the comics About It Furthermore, the connection between the Heavenly and Eternal could mean that their people owned an Infinity Stone – the thought stone that was contained in an ancient scepter that Thanos ultimately owned himself until now, the MCU has avoided telling this story, so would be exciting to see this change

This could explain one of Marvel’s strangest decisions yet. In 2018, Barry Lyga’s novel Thanos: Titan Consumed, originally teased as the official MCU origin story by Thanos, appears that both the author and editor, Little, Brown and Company who believed the Thanos book to be canonical; and they had good reason to believe Lyga had worked with Marvel Studios to write the novel

The story he wrote was a perfect match for Thanos’ portrayal in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Yet, when the news about Thanos: Titan Consumed broke, Marvel Studios quickly reached out to the publisher and asked for it asked him to make it clear that “the book has no canonical connections to the MCU” but why did Marvel declare Thanos’ origins as non-canonical? The most reasonable explanation is that Marvel’s plans have changed – and there are notable rumors of a possible Eternals movie that started circulating just a month after Thanos: Titan Consumed was announced

And here’s the interesting thing; Thanos: Titan Consumed Actually Reveals How Thanos Obtained the Mind Stone In Barry Lyga’s novel, the Mad Titan discovers a depraved prophet who holds the scepter maddened by his power than Thanos’ will is strong enough to withstand his attacks , and he kills him and claims the Mind Stone for himself. This is actually portrayed as the moment when Thanos first learned about the Infinity Stones and worked out his plan to combine their powers. This detail could explain what had changed; that Marvel originally had no plan to tell the story of how Thanos acquired the Mind Stone, thus allowing Lyga to incorporate that into his narrative, but then they eventually found a way to explain it.So they had no choice but to Thanos: Titan Consumed to be quickly declared non-canon

Marvel hasn’t started its ad campaign yet, which is why little is known about Eternals.It has the potential to radically change the balance of power in the MCU and introduce some of the most powerful beings of all, and it could also shed fascinating light on history Throwing the MCU That way, Eternals could explain one of the Infinity Stone’s final mysteries – how Thanos got his hands on the Mind Stone

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