The Welsh actor has announced that he has returned his OBE so he can demand the removal of the Prince of Wales title

Michael Sheen returned his OBE, as he revealed when he urged the royal family to end the centuries-old practice of handing over the title of Prince of Wales to the heir to the English throne

The actor said he gave up the honor to explore without being a hypocrite the “tortured story” his native Wales shares with the English and British states in his 2017 Raymond Williams talk. p>

“When I finished writing this talk, I remember sitting there and saying,” Well, my choice is either not giving this talk and sticking to my OBE, or I give this talk and I have to return my OBE, ”he told Guardian columnist Owen Jones

Sheen said the shared history of the two nations still matters in Wales, giving as an example the strength of sentiment about the recent decision to name the second Severn to cross the Prince of Wales Bridge

On Jones’ personal video channel, the actor was referring to the story of the royal title given to King Edward I of England Created in 1301 as part of his submission to the Welsh principalities and bestowed on his son. The title has since been ordinarily, if not always, bestowed on his son by the English monarch

The current Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, will lose the title if he takes the throne. At this point, Sheen said, it would be a “really meaningful and powerful gesture if this title were no longer held as it is before, that would be an incredibly meaningful thing that I think is happening “

Sheen was awarded the OBE in 2009 after being listed on the New Years Honor Roll. He said he had promised not to actively publicize his decision to return it, adding, “I didn’t mean disrespect, but me it just became clear that if I said the things I would say in the lecture, the nature of the relationship between Wales and the British state, I would be a hypocrite ”

But although he reserved the right to be open about it, if it ever came up, he said no one had asked him by Tuesday

He joins a list of prominent figures who have returned or withheld honors, including musicians John Lennon, Paul Weller and David Bowie; actors Jim Broadbent, Dawn French, and Jennifer Saunders; the poet Benjamin Zephaniah, the playwright Alan Bennett and the celebrity chef Nigella Lawson

Michael Sheen

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