The regulator supports the third burst, but none of the 17-meter cans ordered will be available until spring

British regulators have approved a third coronavirus vaccine, but Brexit means it can’t be given to the first patient until the spring

The government has agreed to pay 10 million to buy more doses of the Moderna vaccine to cover the 7 million that have already been ordered to be added after the Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) approved this to the Department of Health and Social Affairs (DHSC) said on Friday

“The highly potent Moderna vaccine is another formidable achievement for science and further evidence of the hard work of researchers and selfless volunteers in clinical trials,” said Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England, Prof Jonathan Van-Tam

“This vaccine will save lives once doses become available, but it is critical that we all continue to follow mutual protection rules until enough people have been protected”

The MHRA accepted the recommendation of the Commission on Medicinal Products for Human Use and approved the Moderna vaccine after months of rigorous clinical trials The vaccine has shown 94% effectiveness in preventing disease, including in the elderly

The European Medicines Agency has approved the vaccine with reservations, and the first EU member states are expecting deliveries next week after the European Commission has received 160 million Britain ordered cans but declined to benefit from the EU sales contract

Under the Whitehall agreement, deliveries to the UK will not begin until Moderna expands its manufacturing capacity

The Moderna jab follows the Pfizer / BioNTech and Oxford / AstraZeneca jabs to obtain such approval Britain is the first western nation to license a vaccine against Covid-19

“This is fantastic news and another weapon in our arsenal to tame this terrible disease,” said Health Secretary Matt Hancock Improve the vaccination program even further as soon as doses are available from spring

“As we immunize the people most at risk from Covid, I urge everyone to continue to follow the rules to keep cases low and protect our loved ones”

The DHSC said the Moderna vaccine was available for free and the government was “working with the decentralized administrations to ensure it is used fairly across the UK”

Like the other two vaccines, the Moderna vaccine is being used for vaccination through hospital centers for NHS and nursing staff and elderly patients, through local community services with local teams and general practitioners, and through vaccination centers across the country

While the UK has been getting vaccines approved relatively quickly, a recent analysis for the Guardian found that the number of Covid vaccinations in the first dose must double every week within the next 14 days to meet the government target achieve to offer the vaccine to 139 million people by mid-February

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