Hitmaker’ Mysterious Girl ‘lives in the UK with wife Emily and four kids, but believes he’ll need to think about going down under More once he’s able to spend more time with to spend his elderly parents

Speak again! In the magazine, he said, “It feels like the time is right because my mom and dad are in their late eighties and every year now matters, especially when my mom isn’t doing very well

“I hope to get over there soon, but I know that millions of people are in the same situation and many in a worse one””

Peter was inspired to look into the subject after recently receiving a home video clip from his sister

He explained, “My sister Debbie sent me a video where my parents interviewed me and Emily on Australian TV

“It melted my heart and made me really emotional because not being able to see her in person is such a bittersweet situation. But seeing that they got to watch their son and it makes them proud makes me so happy.” p>

Meanwhile, the 47-year-old star has learned to “stop the negativity” by not responding to false rumors and by blocking trolls from his social media pages

“I want my site to be a positive place. I finally realized that you can stop the negativity in its tracks”

Peter Andre

World News – GB – Peter Andre wants to start more work in his native Australia

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