Piers Morgan asked Good Morning Britain viewers not to listen to Towies Lauren Goodger after sharing dangerous views about coronavirus vaccination

The vaccine is vital to ending the Covid-19 pandemic Vaccinating the population will prevent people from contracting the virus, which is under pressure from the NHS, and lockdown restrictions can be lifted

The Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has confirmed that Pfizer / BioNTech and Oxford’s vaccine is both safe and effective

Lauren publicly announced she would not take the bump, despite scientists specifically saying it was safe and she “doesn’t believe in face masks”

Piers slammed the 34-year-old reality star on today’s Good Morning Britain and branded her “idiots” for her view

Here is a picture of Lauren Goodger What do you think she shoveled in her face? “, Piers began.” Where did Lauren get that?

“What did you inject into those lips? Did you check where it came from? These people are absolutely crazy ’

“Are you sure we should give time to people who say they are not taking the vaccine?” asked co-host Susanna Reid

“We have to,” Piers hit back. Here’s the problem. You are getting attention on social media. You are already giving views and not being challenged to millions of young, impressionable people

“My point is that these reality stars are covering their faces with plastic objects, operations, injections, and so on fill and still deal with vaccines

“They already have a platform and spit it on social media all day,” Piers replied. “It has to stop”

“These people are having a really unhealthy noise debate that is preventing young people from taking this seriously. It’s ridiculous

“I look at her face, she put a lot of stuff up her lips, she can probably afford to take a risk with the vaccine”’

Dr June Raine, the UK’s chief executive officer, MHRA said there should be “no doubt that this is a very safe and highly effective vaccine” after 1 million people in the UK received their first dose of the Pfizer shock

On the safety of the coronavirus vaccine, she said: “I really want to emphasize that the highest standards of control, safety, efficacy and quality have been met – international standards” And so there should be real trust in the rigor of our consent

“In addition, our Commission on Medicinal Products for Human Use has also checked all the data so there should be no doubt that this is a very safe and highly effective vaccine

“It will help us to go around the corner. There really isn’t one of us who is not affected by this pandemic, and our organization, like any other, has focused entirely on doing our job to combat it terrible disease to be able to contribute ‘

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Lauren Goodger

World News – UK – Piers Morgan criticizes Lauren Goodger for dangerous views on vaccination

Source: https://metro.co.uk/2021/01/06/piers-morgan-slams-lauren-goodger-for-dangerous-views-on-vaccination-13855012/