Elder Park in Govan was closed by officials after an incident on Sunday evening

Elder Park in Govan has been locked down as officials investigate the incident that took place on Sunday evening

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “Glasgow officials are investigating a report that a young girl was investigating on the evening of November 3 Has been the victim of a sexual offense in Elder Park on January 1st

The First Minister confirmed the move in a statement to Holyrood after calling the Scottish Parliament back on Monday

Mainland Scotland and Skye will be fully locked from midnight after a surge in coronavirus cases, Nicola Sturgeon announced

Scots are required by law to stay home for all of January, except in essential circumstances, and schools stay home for the majority of students until at least January 1 Closed in February

The First Minister said the new restrictions would be similar to those in March last year and will likely be repeated in England when Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks on TV at 8 p.m.

Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles will remain on level three, which will open more shops, pubs and restaurants

Sturgeon confirmed the move in a statement to Holyrood after calling the Scottish Parliament back on Monday

The announcement received broad support from opposition parties, but questions about its impact on student education have been raised

It is because the entire Scottish mainland and Skye are already under the toughest restrictions in response to a new Covid-19 strain

The First Minister previously warned that it could be up to 70% more transferable than the old variant and that it could increase the R-number by 04

On Monday, Sturgeon told MSPs, “The advice of our clinical advisors is clear that the increased portability of the new variant means that the current level four measures may not be sufficient to bring the R-number back below the value bring a

â ???? It is important that we further limit the interactions between different households to contain the spread and bring the situation back under control as we vaccinate more people

â ???? In short, we need to revert to a situation much closer to last March’s lockdown for a period of timeâ ????

The Scottish government had already announced that schools would be open until April 11th January would remain closed, with the ministers originally planned to continue until 18 January to study remotely

Announcing the extension, Sturgeon confirmed that schools will remain open to the children of key workers who cannot work from home and to vulnerable youth

Sturgeon said, “If you’ve been screened and can’t work from home, our clear advice now is that you shouldn’t go to work at all”

â ???? The chief physician writes to everyone who falls into this category, and his letter is considered a suitable note for those who need itâ ????

However, the rules for outdoor gatherings for people 12 and older are changing, so only two people from two different households can meet

From Friday, places of worship, except for weddings and civil partnerships, are closed to the public limited to five people? or funerals that are limited to 20 mourners wakes have been banned

Ski centers, clinics that offer cosmetic and aesthetic procedures, and showrooms for larger retailers will have to close if the space designated as essential retail becomes narrower

She said the changes would be “reviewed” but added, “However, at this time I cannot rule out keeping them in place for longer or making further changes”None of this is easy”

The First Minister also announced that an additional 1905 cases of coronavirus had been recorded in Scotland in the past 24 hours

Since the outbreak began, a total of 136498 people tested positive for the deadly virus

An update to the daily New Year weekend deaths, hospital admissions, and ICU cases is expected on Tuesday

As of 31 On December 31st, the official death toll in Scotland was 4,578, but weekly figures of suspected Covid-19 deaths recorded by National Records of Scotland suggest the most recent total is at least 6,298

Sturgeon said: “It is no exaggeration to say that I am more concerned about the situation we are facing now than I have ever been since March last year”â ????

Some health authorities are already starting to strain NHS capacity NHS Ayrshire and Arran are currently 96% occupancy while Borders, Greater Glasgow, Clyde and Lanarkshire are over 60%

The Scots call on ???? to stay ???? The Prime Minister said that the new restrictions on the introduction of a coronavirus vaccine will be put in place: “I know the next few weeks will be incredibly difficult

“I am sorry to ask for more sacrifices after nine long months, but these sacrifices are necessary”

â ???? And the difference between now and last March is that with the help of vaccines we are now confident that they will pave the way for brighter days

Sturgeon also returned to the public news after the March lockdown, saying, â € œStay Home Save Lives Protect the NHSâ €

Its organizer Jo Bisset said: “We have been in this pandemic for almost a year and children are suffering more than anyone”

“Only time will tell the full extent of the implications of this decision, but there is no question that the damage being done to young people’s lives is significant”â ????

Scottish Conservative Leader Holyrood, Ruth Davidson, said the government was “complacent” about the needs of children who study from home

She said: “Following today’s announcement, parents need to tear up childcare plans, negotiate with their employers, and most importantly, worry about their children’s broken education”

???? SNP complacency about support and learning will not only cost students over the next few weeks of school, it will potentially hinder their future progress and widen the gap between richer and poorer students even more

???? The sharp warnings from education experts, opposition parties and even the Commissioner for Children and Young People have gone unnoticed for too long

â ???? The government has had months to prepare for this opportunity and instead schools are facing a return almost in first place and without the necessary guidance and resources they need to ensure equal access to quality educationâ ??? ?

The vast majority of Scots are required by law to stay home and all schools will be closed until at least February

Most of Scotland has been locked down for the entire January to combat the increasing spread of the new strain of coronavirus

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced several important changes to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in a statement to Holyrood after the Scottish Parliament was recalled on Monday

The First Minister’s full statement can be found here, and the key points can be seen at a glance below

Mainland Scotland and the Isle of Skye will be on lockdown in January with a legal requirement to stay at home – a move that mirrors the lockdown introduced in March

Island areas currently at level three of the Scottish Government framework remain at level three

Leaving home is only permitted for an essential purpose, including caring, essential purchases, movement, and belonging to an extended household

Additionally, anyone who can work from home must do so. It is only a reasonable excuse to leave your home to go to work when that work cannot be done from home

People who shield shouldn’t go to work. The chief physician writes to everyone who falls into this category, and his letter is considered a suitable note for those who need it

In the Scottish Parliament, Sturgeon said, “If you were shielded and unable to work from home, our clear advice now is that you shouldn’t go to work at all”

However, the rules for outdoor gatherings will change so that only two people from two households can meet outdoors (previously six people from two households were allowed to meet outdoors)

Children under the age of 11 are excluded from this limit, and they can also play outdoors in larger groups, including at organized gatherings

For everyone else? including 12 to 17 year olds – outdoor exercise should only be in a manner consistent with the two-person household rule

Nobody is allowed to enter or leave Scotland unless it is for an essential purpose

Most students in Scotland will study from home for at least the rest of the month

Kindergartens, elementary schools, and secondary schools across the country are open to the majority of children / students through 1 Closed February – with the exception of vulnerable young people and children of key workers who cannot work from home

On 18 A review will take place on January 1st to determine whether students will be eligible for February can return

Places of worship to be closed in January for all purposes, except for broadcasting a service or holding a funeral, wedding, or civil partnership

Up to 20 people can still attend funeral services, but guards are not allowed

Premises that have to be closed due to these changes include, for example, ski centers, showrooms of larger retailers and clinics that offer cosmetic and aesthetic procedures

The current one-meter exemption for canteens in the workplace is ending Canteens must therefore ensure that employees sit two meters or more apart and not one meter

A fresh yellow weather warning for ice was issued on Monday between 4pm and Tuesday at 11am

Parts of Scotland are seeing more snow and ice this week as the recent cold snap continues across the country

A fresh yellow weather warning for ice was issued on Monday between 4pm and Tuesday morning at 11am

The Met Office’s recent warning affects much of Scotland, affecting areas such as Strathclyde, Central, Tayside and Fife, Grampian, Southwest Scotland, Lothian and the Borders

Caution comes after a freezing weekend that resulted in ice skaters flocking to a frozen pond in Glasgow

STV weather presenter Philip Petrie said: “The yellow weather warning for ice is mostly covering eastern areas, but as seen on Monday morning, ice could hit all parts of the country if temperatures drop overnight

“Last night’s temperatures dropped to a low of -85 ° C in Loch Glascarnoch, and temperatures today could be even lower

“Winter showers are what cause extremely cold surfaces to turn into ice – and eastern parts like Moray, Aberdeenshire, Angus, Fife, Perth and down to the Lothians are most likely to see most of the showers the next day or so, and that’s why the warning specifically covers this area

“Untreated roads or surfaces can create difficult travel conditions for anyone returning to work after the festive holidays So be careful when you are out and aboutâ ????

A Met Office statement said, “Icy stains are expected to develop, particularly on untreated surfaces, with showers pouring in from the east coast and leaving the surfaces wet

â ???? More snow is likely also for hills above 200-300m. Some small build-ups are possible, with Southeast Scotland and Northeast England being most at risk

â ???? Here between two and five centimeters are possible in places over 300 m and 10 cm over 400 m, although ice is probably the main danger ”

A total of 25 rescue workers were supported by the police to help the climbers in front of Buachaille Etive M²r

Two men started a large-scale rescue mission after breaking travel restrictions to board a munro in the highlands

The couple who had traveled from Oban got into trouble at Buachaille Etive M²r near Glencoe after one of the men sustained a leg injury

A total of 25 members of Glencoe Mountain Rescue were supported by the police to help the climbers down the hill

The injured man was taken to the hospital by ambulance for examination A member of the Glencoe MRI was injured during the rescue and is currently undergoing a medical evaluation

Inspector Kevin Macleod of the & Islands Police Division in the Highlands said, “The men had come from Oban to hike this route and had trouble when the lights went out at 3:25 pm when police and MRI were called for rescue took a total of 108 man-hours and the team stepped back at 7:30 am. Both men, ages 21 and 27, received solid sentences for violating travel regulations. “We continue to urge people to take personal responsibility to do the right thing and remind us that the purpose of these actions is to support concerted efforts to protect the NHS and save lives by preventing the virus from spreading, Andy Neilson, Glencoe Mountain Rescue Team Leader, said, “We will continue to be important Offer MRI service to which we are committed However, the volunteers helping the men have felt vulnerable due to the inevitable close contact and we must prioritize the health of our members in order to continue to provide this important service ”

Emergency services were visited and the victim was taken to Ninewells Hospital for serious injury treatment

Chief Inspector Ross Fitzgerald said: “Fortunately, the injured man is in stable condition in the hospital

â ???? Although this happened early in the morning, I would ask you to contact the police if you noticed anyone behaving suspiciously or witnessed the incident

â ???? We believe this is a targeted attack and there is no threat to the general public

â ???? I would call anyone with information about the circumstances of the incident to contact officialsâ ????

Anyone with information should contact incident number 0197 on Monday, April 4 January 2021, contact Police Scotland on 101

James Shaw 82 from Dundee received the vaccination at the Lochee Health Center in town on Monday

His wife Malita, also 82, followed him and was pushed by sister Justine Williams

James said: “My wife and I are very excited about this vaccination”I have asthma and bronchitis and I really wanted it I’m really excited to be one of the first to get it

â ???? I know the vaccine will take a while to work, but after today I know that going out will make me a little less worried I will still be very careful and avoid busy places but knowing That I was vaccinated will really help me

â ???? All of my friends have said they will get the vaccine when it is their turn and I would encourage anyone offered this vaccine to take itâ ????

Next comes the 82-year-old dialysis patient Brian Pinker, who became the first person in the world to receive the push on Monday morning at Churchill Hospital of the NHS Foundation Trust at Oxford University Hospitals

The trick, dubbed the “game changer”, was given the go-ahead by the Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) last week

Britain has ordered 100 million doses of the vaccine enough to vaccinate 50 million people

Data published in the medical journal The Lancet in early December showed that the vaccine was 62% effective against Covid-19 in a group of 4,440 people who were given two standard doses of the vaccine, compared to 4,455 people who were given one Placebo drug was administered

Of 1367 people who were given half a first dose of the vaccine followed by a full second dose, there was 90% protection against Covid-19 compared to a control group of 1374 people

Health Minister Jeane Freeman said: “Giving the Astrazeneca vaccine to people in the community over 80 is a great start to the new year and I am grateful to everyone at NHS Tayside”and bodies across the country for their work in preparing the delivery of this latest vaccine

???? Oxford AstraZeneca has the advantage of being much easier to store and transport, which means it is easier to manage in local settings, and we also expect it to be obtained in much larger quantities than the Pfizer vaccine

â ???? When it is your turn to be vaccinated, you will be contacted by your local health authority and I encourage you to accept the offer

â ???? While vaccination is one of the most important tools we have to get out of this pandemic, we must all continue our work to quell the virus in Scotland

“This means that we strictly adhere to the restrictions we live in and make sure we continue to wear face covers, keep our distance from anyone outside of our own household, and wash our hands regularly

??????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????? Measures with which we are moving step by step into a better yearâ ????

The collision with a vehicle occurred around 4 a.m. Sunday at 8 p.m. on the A93 in Spittal of Glenshee

A man has died and two children were injured in an accident in Perth and Kinross

The collision with a vehicle occurred around 4 a.m. Sunday at 8 p.m. on the A93 in Spittal of Glenshee

The 23-year-old male passenger died on the scene and two children – ???? at the age of seven and five ???? were flown to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow for treatment

The collection will also be given to Sir Walter Scott, HG Wells, John Logie Baird and the 50 Remember the anniversary of decimalization

The 95 The Queen’s birthday will be celebrated on one of five new commemorative coins coming out this year, The Royal Mint said

The new UK coin collection for 2021 will also be released on April 250 Birthday of the Scottish writer Sir Walter Scott and on the 75th Remember the anniversary of the death of science fiction author HG Wells

The queen who died on 21 April, the first British monarch turns 95, celebrates her birthday with a new 5 pound coin

The coin contains the royal cipher EIIR and the words “My heart and my devotion” This refers to part of their 1957 Christmas show, which first aired on television

During the speech, the young queen said: “In ancient times the monarch led his soldiers onto the battlefield and his leadership at all times has been close and personal

â ???? Today it looks very different. I cannot lead you into battle, I do not give you any laws or administer justice, but I can do something else, I can give you my heart and my devotion for these ancient islands and for all the peoples of our brotherhood of nations giveâ ????

The Royal Mint has created five different portraits of the Queen that document her reign Her face is on every British coin in circulation

The anniversary of the birth of Sir Walter Scott, recognized as one of the most influential Scots in history for his contribution to literature, is celebrated with a 2 pound coin

The 75 The anniversary of the death of HG Wells, who wrote classic science fiction novels such as The Time Machine and The War Of The Worlds, will also feature on a £ 2 commemorative coin with a design that captures images from his work

The 50 Anniversary of decimalization, when the UK’s modern coins were first introduced, is celebrated on a 50 pence coin

A version of the coin, only available as part of the annual set, features the second likeness of the queen on the obverse, originally created by Arnold Machin to mark the transition to decimalization

Another new 50 pence coin commemorates the 75th Anniversary of the death of inventor John Logie Baird, known for his early prototypes of television

Clare Maclennan of the Royal Mint’s Consumer Department said: “Each year the Royal Mint unveils a series of commemorative coins to celebrate important moments and milestones that have shaped Britain

This year’s set marks some of the biggest anniversaries of 2021, including 95 Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday and John Logie Baird’s Legacy of Innovation Each coin is a miniature work of art and was designed as a precious keepsake or gift

“This year’s set is especially special for The Royal Mint as we celebrate one of the greatest milestones in our 1,100 year history,” the Anniversary of Decimalization

â ???? This was one of the largest and most intense public awareness campaigns ever carried out by the government, and it introduced the coins we know today

“Decimalization marked the birth of modern coin collecting and it is fitting that the anniversary was celebrated with 50 pence, the most popular coin in Britain”â ????

The emergency services were made aware of the collision with a car in the highlands shortly after 7 a.m. Monday 30 p.m.

???? CLEAR â ???? 0942 # A9 RTC # A9 has reopened in both directions in Doll (south of Brora) after now on an RTCAll track ???? @ NWTrunkRoads #DriveSafe picTwittercom / d7iO0uKyga

A press officer said: “We were made aware of an accident in which a single car was involved on the A9 about two miles south of Brora around 7:00 am”Monday 4th January, 3 p.m.

â ???? The driver was taken to Raigmore Hospital by ambulance and the vehicle was recovered ”


Weltnachrichten – GB – The police cordon off the park to investigate the sexual assault on young people

Source: https://news.stv.tv/west-central/police-seal-off-park-to-investigate-sex-attack-on-teen