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The moment Karen accidentally revealed to Matthews that she was involved in her daughter’s disappearance first surfaced last night – the missing Shannon was shown to be “in a lovely warm setting”

Detective Inspector Chris Walker said the remark, captured in a newly revealed video of an interview with Matthews at Dewsbury Station, immediately rang alarm bells

Matthews – who was involved in the kidnapping operation – had insisted that nine-year-old Shannon be missing and was in “nice, warm surroundings” despite claiming not to know her whereabouts

In fact, she had been involved in a staged kidnapping that she and her friend’s uncle, Michael Donovan, invented

The twisted conspiracy had been devised to try to obtain prize money for the disappearance of the little girl, believed to have been inspired by an episode of the Channel 4 hit Shameless

Detective Inspector Chris Walker of the West Yorkshire Homicide and Major Inquiry Team noted that he found it bizarre that Matthews seemed completely confident that Shannon was warm and safe

The mother was called in for questioning after details of members of her family and friends became known

Matthews was portrayed as delighted with her former partner Craig Meehan after Shannon was found alive. Meehan was not involved in the abduction but was later convicted of child pornography possession

Mr. Walker (pictured) told a new Channel 5 documentary that it looked like Karen was “personally convinced” that Shannon was with someone else and was “alive and well”

Detective Inspector Chris Walker of the West Yorkshire Homicide and Major Inquiry Team stated that it was bizarre for her that Karen seemed completely confident that Shannon was warm and safe

1 March Shannon’s mother Karen makes an emotional public appeal for the safe return of her daughter

14 March Shannon finds himself in the base of a divan base at Michael Donovan’s home in Batley Carr. Over the next few weeks, Donovan and Shannon’s mother and stepfather will be charged with separate crimes

23 January 2009 Matthews and Donovan are each sentenced to eight years of kidnapping, wrongful imprisonment and fraudulent justice

April 2012: Matthews released from prison after serving half her sentence.She was given a new tax-funded identity and home. She is banned from seeing Shannon and her other children who have been taken into care

2020: The mother of seven, Matthews, appears to be leading a new life under a new name and has turned to God in the south of England

She said to the officers, “It just feels empty now, the house, without her. It’s not like Shannon

‘She’s shy, she’s scared of the dark and everything So I know something is wrong

‘She’s out there in a nice warm setting somewhere, but the person who has her doesn’t come forward, which we really would like’

Shannon went missing in March 2008 on the way home from a swimming lesson in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

Matthews was seen crying on the news when she asked the public to help her find her daughter

Police started a £ 32 million search for missing Shannon, only to find that she had been handcuffed and drugged in Donovan’s house for 24 days

The little girl was hidden in a sofa bed in her bedroom with a list of rules of conduct

He and Karen Matthews planned to “spot” Shannon after a while and a reward of 50To claim £ 000 for their safe return

Mr. Walker told a new Channel 5 documentary that Karen appeared to be “personally convinced” that Shannon was with someone else and was “alive and well.”

He added, “I suspected she had an idea of ​​what had happened to Shannon, and at that point there was absolutely nothing that could relate her to Shannon’s disappearance ‘

Mr. Kettlewell said, “I was delighted. When we went down the stairs it was like carrying my own child ‘

Mr. Townsend added, “Nobody thought we’d see Shannon Matthews alive again. It’s hard to describe the emotions. You just want to cheer ‘

Mother of seven Matthews, 41, 2008 and right last year, knew where her daughter was. Today she is living a new life under a new name and has turned to God

Shannon Matthews was forced to adhere to a strict list of rules signed “IPU” The jury stood for “I promise you,” a threat Karen used against Shannon

Abducted Shannon Matthews and her siblings remain anonymous for life after the High Court issued an “extraordinary” injunction

The comprehensive arrangement prevents their new names, addresses, and jobs from ever being revealed or published unless a court agrees, as court documents show

All siblings, including Shannon, were deeply affected by the traumatic events of 2008

In 2017, he was allegedly beaten up by three men who discovered his true identity after going into hiding

Supermarket fishmonger Meehan dated Matthews, who has seven children from five different men, for five years before she was jailed for conspiracy with Meehan’s uncle Michael Donovan to kidnap nine-year-old daughter Shannon

Donovan was born Paul Drake, the youngest of nine children, and grew up on an estate in Dewsbury

He has had learning difficulties his entire life, had only about half the average IQ, and attended a Hartshead Moor special school where he claims to have been bullied

After being released from prison, he was recalled after discovering erratic behavior in Leeds. His whereabouts are currently unknown

She has since said that Shannon and her siblings can finally “stop living in their mother’s shadow” after the High Court granted them all permanent anonymity

Julie previously revealed, “I visited her every month for four years, I wanted answers, And at the end of the day she was a mate”

The officers had visited Donovan’s apartment and learned that a neighbor on the first floor heard “tiny footsteps”

Mr. Townsend said, “That’s when my insane senses really started tingling I couldn’t believe what I was hearing ‘

They found an elastic strap with a loop on the end that Donovan put around Shannon’s waist so she could go to the bathroom but not leave the apartment

The schoolgirl was not physically injured during her time at the apartment, although she was fed sleeping pills to calm her down, and appeared to be lost

Shannon’s life in her makeshift prison was also governed by a set of rules written on a piece of paper the police found on a television

Several words have been underlined to emphasize their meaning, but they were allowed to play their Super Mario computer games and music CDs

The initials ‘IPU’ were at the very bottom, representing a threat Matthews would pose to her daughter, scolding ‘I promise you’

The mother of seven Karen and accomplice Donavan were found guilty of kidnapping, wrongful detention and falsification of legal proceedings in December 2008

Her case at Leeds Crown Court had heard an impassioned closing speech from Julian Goose QC, in which she was branded as an “accomplished liar”

“She has lied so many times and so much that she has reached the point where all she can do is say ‘I was confused’ and then blame everyone but herself”

“You know, as we all know from life experiences, that people who tell lies have to hold on to the lie because if they change them, they will be found out

“You may be thinking, ladies and gentlemen, how you can be sure she was found out for the dishonest and, as we say, wicked liar she is”

‘It’s impossible to imagine how you could have got this young girl through the ordeal you inflicted on her

‘It is incomprehensible that you could have allowed your friends, neighbors, and in your case, Matthews, even your children to devote time and energy to finding the missing child’

She lives in a secret location in the south of England under a new identity that cannot be disclosed for legal reasons

Last year it was revealed that she fell in love with a pedophile handyman who had cleaned up her house

Paul Hunter, 58, was sentenced to five years in prison in 2010 for abusing his former stepdaughter, who courageously renounced anonymity last year

He had worked as a driver bringing elderly people to hospitals and disabled youths to college

Back in January 2010, Oxford Crown Court heard that its crimes took place between 2006 and 2009 when its victim was between 15 and 17 years old

Saunders, of Blackbird Leys, Oxfordshire, was not caught until after he was sentenced to eight weeks in prison for benefit fraud in May last year

He was sentenced to five years in prison and asked to sign the register of sex offenders for life

Hunter and Matthews got engaged over Christmas 2019, but she had to buy her own Princess Diana-style ring herself

Shannon Matthews’ disappearance will be announced on Jan. and 11 Aired on Channel 5 at 9 p.m. February

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