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UPDATE TWO: Stock Tracker accounts warn console buyers to look out for a possible PS5 replenishment at Game UK today

Recent rumors suggest that a PS5 stock update will begin this week at the retailer, with a multitude of bundles being discovered on non-live websites

Tracker websites recommend keeping an eye out for them starting at 8 a.m. today However, inventory may not start falling until later this week

UPDATE: A new PS5 stock update suggests the game will be released as early as Jan. February could be replenished, although this remains an unverified report

The message was shared by @ UKPS5NOTIFY after it was announced that the current number of dead GAME PS5 bundles has increased to 44 different bundle combos

A message from the Stock Tracker account added, “Given the release date for these remaining 08/03, we could possibly expect these pre-orders to go live tomorrow!”

ORIGINAL: PlayStation 5 inventory remains limited due to high demand in the UK, while supply issues on the production side have limited Sony

But the good news is that there is a chance GAME UK will replenish PS5 consoles sooner than expected and get one final drop from the retailer in February

Buying a PlayStation 5 remains a challenge and is expected to take several months, with the summer of 2021 could be the first time in year Sony and Microsoft keep pace with demand

But until then, next-generation console hunters will struggle to shop at places like Currys, Argos and Game This week, a ray of hope has been raised that could bring a surprise PS5 stock update to one of the UK’s leading video game retailers

It is rumored that GAME UK will be receiving a PS5 stock update in the coming weeks that may come sooner rather than later

Stock Tracker account @ UKPS5Notify on Twitter suggests Game could offer one final PS5 replenishment in February

It pays to put a pinch of salt on all the reports when it comes to buying things online, and it’s no different

But from what was shared over the weekend, Game UK, along with Currys and BT, might be offering PS5 consoles available for purchase this week

The latest news is based on Game UK website, which changed the release date for next PS5 stock to early March

This means that consoles may be offered in pre-order packs this week to help keep the release date for Jan. March can be specified

The PS5 Notify message on Twitter reads: “The next # PlayStation5 for GAME release date has now been changed to 08/03, indicating that pre-orders can go online next week!”

As always, this doesn’t guarantee more PS5 stocks for gamers this week, but all news should be followed up at this point to make sure fans don’t miss a thing

And other reliable PS5 stock tracking accounts have suggested the opposite, revealing that Game UK won’t start offering more stocks until March 2021

The latest news from @ PS5Instant is: “Currys, Hughes and BT EE are expected to fall early next week GAME is not due in any PS5 shipment this month. You could release a small number of canceled or uncollected orders, 100s at best

“Scalping is getting less and less profitable The price of PS5 on eBay rose to an average of £ 680-620 (Disc and Dig) with these last drops There is currently no reason to buy from Scalper ”

With that in mind, this week’s PS5 replenishment could skip GAME, depending on what’s planned by the retailer

Game UK hasn’t released any news of its plans for March in a while, and the company hasn’t posted a stock update on social media in a while

This means that gamers had to rely on other sources to ensure they at least got a chance to purchase a next-gen console

But until supply and production restrictions on key next-generation console parts ease and profits for scalpers drop to zero, gamers will continue to struggle to purchase next-generation consoles in 2021

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World News – UK – PS5 Game UK Stock Update: Surprise PlayStation 5 will be back soon

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/gaming/1400806/PS5-Game-UK-stock-Surprise-PlayStation-5-restock-before-March