The prominent mathematician visited her Twitter page to welcome the new host and shared a picture of some’ Anne Robinson ‘anagrams – including,’ Neon on Brains ‘,’ Onion Banner ‘and’ I nonna banner ‘

She tweeted: “We weren’t a bit disappointed when we added Anne to the team with a better anagram, but admittedly it’s difficult to find one that’s good and doesn’t sound like her dominatrix alter ego. Welcome to Team Anne Robinson!”

Dictionary Corner’s Susie Dent also commented, “A big countdown day as we welcome a new member to the best TV family in the world (I may be biased)”

The weakest link star, Anne, will become the first female host on the Channel 4 show as she succeeds Nick Hewer, who directed the series for nearly a decade

Talking about the great news, Anne said, “I’m over the moon to be on Countdown The show is almost as old as me and just as historic. I’m particularly excited to be working with the other two formidable women on the series


“Worryingly, Susie and Rachel are not only very smart, but also younger, prettier and thinner than me. Unfortunately there is no time for another facelift so I have to get on with this old three smart girls doing a countdown! Don’t you love the sound ? “

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The 76-year-old is clearly looking forward to seeing Rachel and Susie on the Tagesshow and will make her debut this summer. She continued: “I’m a crossword puzzle so I can understand the riddles of the countdown. But adding up and taking away – I can’t go much further than calculating the fee once my agent has made his cut “

This isn’t the first time Anne has appeared on the show – she was on Dictionary Corner for a week back in 1987. She said, “I was so in awe of the great Richard Whiteley, I think I have only good guys Afternoon and goodbye said Who would have thought I would have the chance to follow in their huge footsteps? “

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World News – UK – Rachel Riley breaks the silence on Anne Robinson who joins Countdown as the new hostess