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RANGERS beat Motherwell 2-1 at the Ibrox when Steven Gerrard’s side came from behind in an entertaining game in the Scottish Premiership

Joe Aribo is exceptionally good at working the space and tries to roll it onto Itten’s path

Itten is there to toss it home up close and personal, and the game is upside down!

Kent reaches the sideline and tries to bring it in Instead, he swings the ball straight out of play

Roofe found a cross from the left in the penalty area and his header fell just wide of the goal!

Kent seems to have his back turned and it falls at Roofe’s feet, who is six meters away

70 ‘Hagi works the ball well on the right and puts it on the right foot

67 ‘Defoe spins on the edge, but the extra defender for Motherwell makes it harder and harder to break down

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