Posted: 08:25 GMT, 16 February 2021 | Updated: 10:03 GMT, Jan. February 2021

Ravel Morrison admitted that he wished he could return to his Manchester United debut as a 17-year-old because he would change 90 percent of his life afterwards

Morrison emerged from the United Academy as one of the most talented candidates in years and received his first team debut in the League Cup against Wolves in 2010 from Sir Alex Ferguson

But 28-year-old Morrison failed to maximize his potential at Old Trafford and recently left ADO The Hague, Nov. Club on his résumé since leaving United

Ravel Morrison wishes he could return to his debut at Manchester United against the Wolves in the League Cup (right, picture 2010) as he would change 90 percent of his life

Morrison appeared on Rio Ferdinand’s FIVE YouTube channel to reflect on his career and was stunned when his former teammate read a text message from Ferguson

Ferdinand read Ferguson’s text message and said: ‘Rio, my first impression of Ravel as a young boy was: “He always has the time and space, always available to be on the ball, so unusual for a young boy his age “

‘Greetings please. Another thing about Ravel that I’ve always appreciated because no other young player who made his debut has done it

Morrison made his debut at 17 (left) and was one of the most exciting players to appear at United in years He left the company and since then has had 11 clubs with the Dutch club ADO Den Haag (right)

‘After the first game on the first team, which he played the next morning, he came into my office and gave me a letter thanking me for his debut

‘I was overwhelmed, Rio the boy had a good heart, he was only struck by his background’

The news, said Ferdinand, almost made him cry because he was so emotional reading the words of United’s legendary boss

Ferdinand had already revealed in 2018 how Ferguson described Morrison as “the best kid you will ever see” when he watched him train

‘Sir Alex Ferguson, I remember calling me and Wazza (Rooney) one day and saying, “Look at this kid, he’s better than you Rooney, when you were a kid, him is better than you Rio, better than Ryan Giggs when you were kids This is the best kid you’ll ever see, “said Ferdinand

Morrison, who first heard the text on the podcast, said he was “touched” but was in a contemplative mood about where things went wrong

The 28-year-old has spoken openly about what went wrong for him at the beginning of his career

‘It touches you because if I could travel back in time, I would change 90 percent of my life’

Despite being extremely talented, his off-field life at United raised concerns and explained why Ferguson believed the 28-year-old had been “struck by his background”

Concerns have been raised that the then-teen was dating the wrong crowd, and those fears from United were confirmed when he was 16 when he was in a car that was in a drug and gun bust in the nearby Whalley Range stopped

In May 2011, shortly after Morrison scored twice in an electrifying performance when United’s youngsters won the FA Youth Cup, he was fined £ 600 for throwing a friend’s phone out of the window during an argument It proved too much for Ferguson and United to turn around, and so he was moved

Morrison’s career has taken him globally, moving from United to West Ham, getting credits with Birmingham, QPR and Cardiff, moving to Italy to join Lazio, Mexico to play for Atlas and Sweden, to move to Ostersunds return to England last season

He appeared only once for Sheffield United in 2019-20 before moving to Middlesbrough on loan, where he made three appearances

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