Large parts of south east England and London imposed a strict new lockdown on Sunday as the UK recorded its highest increase in coronavirus infections in a day, at 35928 new Covid-19 cases reported today

Boris Johnson abandoned the five-day easing of measures planned for the Christmas season and, following the emergence of a new variant of the coronavirus subject to the new Tier 4 restrictions, issued the order to stay at home 70 percent transmissible

Meanwhile, a number of EU countries have announced decisions to suspend incoming travel from the UK in the face of the new burden, including France, Germany, Bulgaria, Vienna, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium

The new variant of the coronavirus could lead to “high numbers” of infections in prisons across England and Wales, the former prison guard warned

Nick Hardwick, who was chief inspector of prisons from 2010 to 2016, urged the minister to “get a grip” on the possible spread of the virus in prisons or to risk preventable deaths

He called for the introduction of a release scheme to remove vulnerable inmates from prisons, May Bulman reports

Ministers are urged to act quickly and introduce a new early release scheme or see high death rates in prisons

Scientists on the government’s New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory (NERVTAG) committee found that the new strain of coronavirus, named VUI-202012/01, had “exponential growth” even during the November national lockdown / p>

According to the minutes of the committee meeting on 18 On December 1st, scientists suggested the new variant is 71 percent more transmissible than the previous strain and could increase the R-number by up to 0.93

However, they cautioned that estimates of the frequency of VUI-202012/01 “could be underestimated” because sequencing the strain was “difficult”

“VUI-202012/01 has been found to have shown exponential growth at a time when national lockdown measures are in place,” warned the committee

“In summary, NERVTAG is confident that VUI202012 / 01 has a significant increase in transferability compared to other variants”

If you missed it earlier, the Health Secretary proposed today that parts of England could stay under Tier 4 restrictions for months as the government admitted the new strain of coronavirus was now out of control

Matt Hancock warned that the new measures were necessary to combat the mutation of the disease and suggested that they remain in place and vaccinated until a significant portion of the population

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has suggested parts of England could be tightly restricted for months as the government admitted a new strain of coronavirus was now out of control

“Delay and indecision in the face of a deadly, highly infectious virus are the greatest threat to health – sometimes greater than the threat posed by the virus itself,” writes Professor Gabriel Scally, member of the Independent Sage Advisory Group

An Aer Lingus spokesman said the airline would not operate flights from the UK to Ireland

A statement said: “Following the announcement by the Irish government that flights from the UK to the Republic of Ireland will begin on Nov. December 2020 at midnight for the next 48 hours, Aer Lingus will not be able to fly from the UK to the Republic of Ireland during this time

“Aer Lingus is offering flights from the Republic of Ireland to the UK to facilitate the repatriation of customers to the UK and customers with connecting flights in the UK

“Customers whose flights have been canceled will be contacted directly by Aer Lingus and entitled to a refund, voucher or rerouting at a later date

“Aer Lingus continues to work with the Department of Transportation, other government departments and relevant authorities as needed”

Several European countries have announced travel bans from the UK to avoid importing the new coronavirus strain to the continent

Ireland has imposed a 48-hour travel ban on the UK, the country’s transport minister has confirmed

Ferries will continue to be used for freight transport Eamon Ryan said Ireland “needs transportation to keep our shelves full” but all other passengers are restricted

The federal government said that all flights to the UK, with the exception of cargo flights, are no longer allowed to land in the country

The ban begins this evening from midnight and will apply until at least 31 December December

France has announced that it will ban all people from the UK for 48 hours, starting at midnight tonight

Great Britain has at 35928 new Covid-19 cases recorded the highest increase in coronavirus infections in one day on Sunday – a total of more than 204m

Another 326 deaths within 28 days of testing positive for the virus were also recorded, fewer than the 534 on Saturday, reports my colleague Emily Goddard

Scenes similar to last night’s overcrowded train stations were seen this afternoon as travelers booked last minute Eurostar tickets to leave the UK before more EU countries stop inbound travel

The PA news agency reported a long line of passengers at St Pancras in London waiting to board sold-out Eurostar trains

A 23-year-old French citizen, Francois, told the agency he booked his ticket to Paris this morning after changing it from next week

“I know that going back to France is not really good. I haven’t seen my family in four and a half months

“I tried to isolate myself as much as possible. I booked my train this morning, which is not really sensible given the development of the virus,” he admitted


France has also announced that it will suspend all incoming travel from the UK for 48 hours from midnight

According to the Prime Minister, the 48-hour interruption in traffic will be used to work with EU partners to agree on a new test regime before the borders with Great Britain are reopened

Prime Minister Jean Castex tweeted: “Given the new health risk and pending its assessment, all UK passenger flows to France will be suspended from midnight tonight for 48 hours and for all modes of transport

“We invite all French nationals to take a PCR test after the 48 hour screening, which may be required for entry from the UK from the UK”

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