When you sit down for most of the interviews, don’t expect to talk about someone else’s penises, but most of the respondents aren’t Justin Roiland

Roiland is best known for helping shape pop culture juggernaut Rick and Morty and bringing his singing talents to the title lines, but he also helped create the sensational science fiction cartoon, Solar Opposites who eventually crashed-landed in the UK

Solar Opposites tells the story of refugee aliens Korvo, Terry, and their child replicators Yumyulack and Jesse, who are forced to live on Earth after their world Shlorp was destroyed by an asteroid – it’s basically the strange couple, though Felix and Oscar were aliens and had access to a shrink ray

“The original idea was just the title and some kind of weird pair of aliens on Earth,” Roiland told UNILAD when we asked where the original idea for the show came from. “It’s something I came up with in 2006 that I didn’t do anything with and that I just forgot”’

So what kept the show from being trapped in a desk drawer forever? Enter Rick and Morty writer Mike McMahan who helped Roiland turn the idea of ​​his basic treatment into a full-fledged and very bizarre world

[Mike and I] were working on something completely different and I was trying to crack this other show which was a lot more grounded. But when we were working on it we were both like “This is no fun” at the same time, and if it was now no fun, it’s not a good sign of how it’s going by the time it goes on the show so we put that aside and I brought up the idea that aliens live on earth and it just exploded

It took shape between the two of us; They are vegetable, they are stranded on earth, there are four of them. My original idea went all the way to “Solar Opposites” and there are two aliens and one of them is very angry and doesn’t like earth and the other loved them Earth, and that was all I had

So Mike and I took that and made it a show that had a lot of potential, and you know it’s an immigration story, and we realized that in this session that it was a fun way, one to make immigration history through the eyes of aliens because it allows you to go crazy and have a lot of fun with human culture that we know really well but that is alien to them A lot of comedy can be gained from this

Roiland is not wrong and Solar Opposites is a show that is best when it mixes sci-fi ridiculousness with everyday life.Whether you use nanobots to find out if their neighbors like them and accidentally create sentient life, or just trying to buy a jet ski, you can guarantee this alien family will find a way to wreak havoc

If we had to reduce the show to one pithy line, it would probably be best to describe them as Rick and Morty without the existential fear and nihilistic spirit that are part of this show

The decision to make Solar Opposites more upbeat seemed like a conscious effort to separate it from Rick and Morty, with whom it obviously shares a lot of DNA, but Roiland has denied it was conscious rather than due to the absence attributed by two people – Rick Sanchez and Dan Harmon

Nihilism is two things, it’s the Rick character who is defined by his nihilism, he’s dark, he’s scary, he’s unpredictable, sometimes it’s really fun, but sometimes it’s terrifying and you never know what he thinks this show has that character center stage so it gets darker

The other reason is that on the show, Dan Harmon, my partner on this show, his sensitivity and mine on this show match very well with what we find funny and funny, but as Mike and I we are on our way We made a couple of things we wanted to do, and having fun was the ultimate goal

All characters are much brighter and there is no Rick, there is no dark poisonous force at the center of this family, they are all naive and childlike in some way and it makes a different tone when we wrote it we just thought: ” Let’s have fun with it and have fun with crazy science fiction stuff”

The lack of a “Rick” actually brings a lot of life to the show as no one is ever in complete control Instead, Solar feels more chaotic and frenetic as you don’t actually have some authority that you know will save the day, but it also allows the show to tell stories that Rick and Morty probably couldn’t tell. p>
However, you shouldn’t think just because it’s more interested in having fun than exploring the concept of existentialism that Solar hits its punch when it comes to adult content

This is possibly the greatest cartoon we’ve ever seen In each episode, at least one character is reduced to a meaty pile of guts, and the language is also cruder, and goes much better with something like South Park than the relatively PG Rick and Morty

Just because Solar Opposites isn’t really interested in exploring it doesn’t mean that the show has no layers and that it has something to say, as Roiland said, he and McMahan conceived the show as an immigration story, though there are other ways to read them

Personally, we thought the show was an allegory for an LGBTQ family moving to a conservative neighborhood, and the suspicion that the aliens were facing was a metaphor for the day-to-day injustices these families face after all Korvo and Terry big Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street and sleep in the same bed

Listen, there’s a lot going on on the show because they’re aliens You can tell all of these stories on this show.As your interpretation isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s not what we thought it was per se, but now that you say it, that’s a deeper meaning that you’re sure to get from the show can

Our main goal on the show is to have fun with it and tell crazy funny stories We definitely don’t think too deeply about this stuff aside from the immigrant story of being a fish without water and being very different

That’s a very interesting attitude and it’s not wrong, and we flirt with Terry and Korvo – they live in the same house, they sleep in the same bed, they see relationships, people have their home world they are all same sex and Asexual It’s interesting that you bring this up because there’s a bit of it, it just wasn’t intentional, or at least I didn’t think of it, but it’s actually kind of cool

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, it was this chat that led us to the biggest reveal of our interview – neither Korvo nor Terry have penises You are welcome to internet

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