Boris Johnson has announced a third national lockdown, this time closer to what was experienced last March

He put England on a six-week suspension Monday night when Britain’s top medical professionals warned the NHS would be overwhelmed in 21 days without harsher action against the faster-spreading variant

Unlike the November lockdown, apart from services for the first few years, schools are now closed and the exams for this year’s cohort of students will need to be re-assessed

Shops that are not absolutely necessary are closed, as are indoor and outdoor training centers such as fitness studios or golf courses

Once again, people are not allowed to leave our homes unless there is an important reason, e.g. B. Exercise, medical assistance, or work that cannot be done at home

Yes you can, but there are strict eligibility requirements that you must adhere to. Failure to meet the requirements is against the law

A support bubble is a support network that connects two households However, when you find yourself in a support bubble, you can imagine being on a budget

This means you can act as if they were members of your own household and in close proximity

You should not create a support bubble with a household that is part of another support bubble

The government website states, “You are allowed to leave your home to visit (and stay with) your support bubble

“However, if you are creating a support bubble, it is best if it is done with a local household This will prevent the virus from spreading to an area where more people are infected”

In a childcare bubble, one household joins another household to provide informal childcare to people under the age of 14 This means that child care is unpaid and not registered

Both houses should be in this one child care bubble This is best done with a household that lives on site

Once everyone in a household is 14 years or older, the childcare bubble needs to stop

The government website states, “If you live in one household with anyone under the age of 14, you can create a childcare bubble. This allows friends or family members from another household to provide informal childcare

“You must not socialize with your child care bubble and you must avoid seeing members of your child care and support bubbles at the same time”

If you share custody of a child with someone you do not live with, the child can move freely between the households of either parent

In his announcement on Monday, the Prime Minister said he hoped to “reopen schools after the February halftime”

The lock itself will be on 15 February checked All changes are effective on March 22nd February in effect, meaning they last at least six weeks

Mr Johnson said Monday, “Now that we have to do everything we can to stop the spread of the disease, elementary schools, secondary schools and colleges across England must switch to remote access starting tomorrow.”

“We understand that this means that it is not possible or fair for all exams to run as usual this summer””

Lockdown of support bubble

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