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Ryan Mason has called for football’s “dangerous” concussion protocols to be radically improved after witnessing Raul Jimenez’s disgusting head fight with David Luiz

The Wolves striker was operated on for a fractured skull on Sunday evening after a serious collision with Arsenal defender Luiz

Jimenez was treated on the Emirates pitch long before he was guyed and rushed straight to the hospital, and yet Luiz was simply connected at the contact line and sent out to play

Arsenal have been criticized for allowing the Brazilian to continue playing despite the club’s protocol being followed Luiz stayed until half-time when he was eventually replaced by Rob Holding

The incident has been likened to the clash of heads that forced Mason into early retirement The midfielder hung up his boots in February 2018 at the age of just 26 after sustaining a serious head injury against Chelsea for a year earlier

The former man from Tottenham, Hull and England came to talkSPORT on Monday to reflect on the scenes in North London on Sunday and admitted that he was “shocked” Luiz received permission to continue playing

Instead, he blamed the outdated and “dangerous” concussion logs and expressed frustration that those logs have not been improved since the incident that prematurely ended his own career

“I was pretty upset that this was happening again on a soccer field This is very worrying, “Mason told talkSPORT host Jim White

“It’s a real shame my incident didn’t change perception What does it really take for people to realize this is something really, really serious?

“I’m not criticizing the Arsenal doctor for having a protocol and I’m sure he followed it

“However, the currently available protocol is not sufficient Just having two or three minutes isn’t enough, it’s not enough

“It was bad; The noise, the impact, the speed of the challenge – it was a bad one. It didn’t help that there were no fans and you could actually hear the point of contact

“As a person, I first thought whether they were both okay, and obviously one is unfortunately worse than the other

“The Game Must Change That Rule It is pretty clear that five minutes on the field side while the pressure is on to restart the game is not enough to determine if anyone is affected or not

Troy Deeney, Watford striker, told talkSPORT Breakfast Monday that Arsenal had done nothing wrong by giving Luiz the all-clear to keep playing and said “players and doctors should be trusted” to make the right decisions to meet

But Mason knows the impact the first half can have on footballers’ immediate and long-term health and insists that something should be done to better look after the players

“I’m all for bringing in concussion submarines I think it’s a good idea to go to a quiet room and test a player thoroughly and properly”

“The thought of someone playing wrong with concussions and beheading balls, the damage that could potentially cause long-term, is not a nice thought

“I am very sensitive and very passionate about this topic I’ve spoken to a lot of people about it over the past three years, but nothing happened, nothing has changed”

“I hope this incident makes people realize that they may not have the same perception when people’s immediate and long-term health is at risk”

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Ryan Mason

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