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ANT McPartlin and Dec Donnelly have unveiled the stars that made them tremble with rage after their elaborate unwinding

The pair have provoked stars like Gordon Ramsay, Bradley Walsh and James Corden with hidden-camera stunts on Saturday night take-away

And they said the famous-swear chef was still so upset about their settlement that he sent them messages saying, “I haven’t forgotten””

Ant stated, “We had a couple who were pretty grumpy. It takes them a while to see the funny side”

Dec added, “One or two people had to take a little walk around the block”

Ant added, “Bradley Walsh had to be driven around the block. There are different levels of anger

“Gordon Ramsay was pretty angry He kind of got it, but he’s just an angry man. He’s just pretty terrifying when he stares straight at you”

The couple pranked the top chef behind the scenes at Masterchef USA by flying all the way to Los Angeles to sabotage his dressing room

They posed as artisans Juan and Juan, leaving Gordon angry: “I’ll get you back like no tomorrow”

Dec stated that Gordon still wasn’t over the encounter and sent messages saying, “I haven’t forgotten”

The host stated, “You are reassured when you get a message from Ramsay”

Chase host Bradley Walsh was trumped twice – first in 2005 and again last year when a string of bugs were unleashed on the show

With spelling errors in questions and light failure, he had to go backstage several times to cool off

Other notable moments in the show’s history included the moment Jeremy Kyle landed in the US on his show

Ant and Dec, both 45, also targeted a young Holly Willoughby in the remake of Surprise Surprise

Ant pretended to be a man who wanted to propose to his girlfriend. But she looked horrified when the woman refused and bluntly said, “No”

James Corden, 42, also got off to a royal start when they ruined his day – and even assigned a security guard to make it difficult for him to get to work

And it got worse when they posed as guests on his Late Late Show in the US in a disaster event

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Saturday Night Takeaway

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