Bednarek almost scores an own goal Hasenhuttl realizes that something has to change after the wolves finally show up and sends Djenepo to Minamino I don’t think this will be a change of shape or anything, although Djenepo Minamino barely touched the ball in this half

Wolves play much better offensive photoball this half, bringing the ball forward and running through the defense of Southampton Neves closes with a volley from 30 yards that the goalkeeper catches

Armstrong only shoots far and gets a little distraction from Coady Closing The referee has to calm Rammy in the box while the wolves try to harass the Saints a cross in the area and Southampton wants a handball! Oooooohhhhhhhhhh It hit Dendoncker’s arm and Var is looking around

Yellow card for Saiss after a tough tackle against Armstrong with studs on a slide Wolves can’t believe it’s a free kick, even if I wonder what planet some of them live on

Aaaaaaaa and Wolves have won a penalty. Semedo smashes a shot from about three meters away from Bertrand, who turns his body to block and the ball comes from his hand Ridiculous

Fabio Silva sits on the bench and looks cold.He has played Champions League football but is apparently not seen as ready for this terrible Wolves team

A lot of intensity from wolves again in this second half, but I can’t see that that’s enough

No change compared to wolves. That’s not good. The system didn’t work 100 percent So if it’s not staff then the manager needs to change something else I would guess they have five minutes to show a difference and then he’ll start throwing subs

I realize that all of modern pop music is terrible, and not in an “Am I out of touch?” BTW – it’s just awful and cut, the same four chords, the same plaintive lead female voice, the same lead half-whispered male voice in which they pronounce S as Sh Terrible but yeah, there has to be something else the DJ can play like Anyway, on football

“Wow keep an eye on the ball and make sure you are getting the right technique Wow awesome”

Very impressive from Southampton You were solid on the defense, kept the wolves calm, also overrun and deliberate them and deserve your lead

Southampton is in control of this game Wolves didn’t offer anything at all – it’s like Nuno believes that the hardest work will win the match for them, but against an equally hard working team that clearly isn’t you need something else

Semedo almost picks up the ball before it crosses the line for a throw and I wonder if it actually was! The referee laughs at it

Redmond screams into the Southampton skies after firing a shot into the area Ings placed on his right.It’s a tough chance but he knows he can hit it better

I think wolves are only very good at counter attacks and defenses, they don’t have much in front of them at all and Southampton keeps them calm with a solid defense

Walker-Peters makes a great run behind the defense and Vestergaard finds him with an excellent long pass but the full-back tries to cut it back to an absent striker instead of shooting

Romeu catches Moutinho but the replay looks like he’s taking the ball Moutinho stays down holding the back of his calf His Achilles maybe? He’s in a bit of pain Romeu has a yellow card too, so I wonder how much of that is smart game art

Armstrong does this with a brilliant run, taking the ball through the lines, up the left wing and then crossing the area Redmond blocks Coady by standing in front of him and that gives Ings the opportunity to get a shot off the first time around hammering the laces no goalkeeper in the world saves that If he had done it, he would have been sent to another dimension

Southampton wants to go forward but the wolves really push them up and let all the other men mark the other end of the field so it is only passed around the center-backs

Nothing is really going on. No team is really able to keep up The middle of the field is a war field of players who push each other

Great rescue from Patricio Especially nice game by Southampton and Ings, who stay calm under pressure in the penalty area and find Redmond, who rolls into the farthest corner and forces the save

When wolves attack they don’t really send a lot of men up front, clearly trying to protect themselves from the counter in Southampton

Great move from Southampton! They work the ball from back to front, get Redmond one on one with Saiss, he sticks a back pass in Minamino and he shoots deep on goal and wins a corner Though there seems to be an offside somewhere that I didn’t see

Southampton slows things down a bit, wolves are yelled at to shut them down and change that. Both teams are pretty close and try to force each other

Super intense start to the game when players walk into each other like it’s Hungry Hungry Hippos Smash Smash Smash It will take a few minutes for someone to take control of the ball

I’m a huge Ralph Hasenhuttl fan too, he deserves better. You’d have to think he’s going to be offered a massive job soon. Spurs would do well to see him when they get rid of Mourinho. Sorry, I mean when I don’t mean that it will happen immediately, but we all know that thanks to his three year cycle it will one day happen if they’re looking for a talented replacement, the current Southampton manager should be high on the list

“A better answer from our previous game. We have to do a lot of things better. A new challenge, a new game

“It’s a form, it’s an idea, Saiss comes back from an injury and is a natural left-back sorry left center-back That makes us more compact and solid”

“Everything has come together in the last few weeks. A lot of injuries, a lot of things that we couldn’t really handle, the young guys, it’s normal that they can’t be on the same level as the other guys As a team we have to get through these tough times. You can see other clubs are now struggling with injuries, hopefully we are [over it now] “

Hello, welcome to the early Sunday game and our live coverage of Amazon Prime is showing the game on their website so you can pick up some nice merchandise when you receive your soccer fix, be it home gym equipment, some new picks or [thinks] a camera I made that up Time for coffee

It’s a start for Minamino! The Liverpool striker on loan starts 4-4-2 alongside Danny Ings Walker-Peters and Bertrand are also back today and that will make a big difference in the way Southampton plays – no more 9-0

“I can only speak for myself, but I had the crazy situation that after this 9-0 I actually had more support than sometimes after a win,” said Hasenhuttl after this humiliation

â ???? So it was the opposite, but I can only talk about myself, not for the players

â ???? People aren’t stupid because they can see the team we could play because we ran out of players

“And then it’s always difficult to lose 1-0 after two minutes”It’s not that easy then

â ???? But the most important thing is that you still know what you are and what your philosophy is and what you want to show

â ???? If you lose games, you have to be criticized, you have to understand that and then you have to get up again

“We have done that in the past, two or three years together, and we will do that in the future”â ????

Wolves are back in a 3-4-3, the experiment with a 4-3-3 doesn’t quite work. It was incredibly boring to see them in the last few games, only Neto really offered something special. He’s a very good one Player

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