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STRICTLY Gorka Marquez said in tears about his fight against Gemma Atkinson and her daughter Mia

The dancer, 30, will return to his 36-year-old actress tomorrow after 87 days of separation from his family due to strict Covid guidelines for the BBC show

But when he appeared on It Takes Two, he revealed the tension he’d felt separated from Gem and Mia

When speaking to Rylan Clark-Neal, he said, ‘There were times when I thought,’ What am I doing? ‘”

To which Rylan replied, “Surely it’s a little consolation to reach the final with Maisie now?”

Gorka then said, “Obviously there were times when I thought, ‘What am I doing? Why don’t I go home?’

“But coming into the studio every day and making [Maisie] huddle and smile to do her best pays off”

Gemma and Gorka became a couple after falling in love after meeting on the Strictly series in 2017 and having their first child together the following year

As he tried to turn his sadness into a positive, he added, “I’m just grateful that she is in the finals and hopefully it ends with a happy ending for you

‘We can get this trophy for you and it would be my way to thank her for the work’

Things then took a very emotional turn when Rylan surprised Gorka with a message from the former Gemma and her little girl

In the video, the actress told her partner how much they loved and missed him, which led to Gorka bursting into tears

Meanwhile, Gemma has announced that she has been warned by her mother not to have a baby yet

Speaking on Steph’s boxed lunch from Channel 4, she revealed her mother’s advice: “My mother already said to me, Mia is too young, no more siblings, wait until she’s older She warned me! “

Gemma also talked about how excited she is to be reunited with her husband after being separated for almost three months

When asked how she thinks the show will play out, Gemma said, “This is the first year I can’t pinpoint It’s so close, they were all so good

“Jamie has so much enthusiasm, Bill has been on his journey, Maisie and HRVY have been really consistent and getting better and better every week

Gemma stated that it supports Gorka and Maisie for obvious reasons, although it will be a difficult task who wins

She added, “It’s everyone’s game, anyone can win. Obviously, I’m fixated on Gorka and Maisie and all of my votes will go for them”

Although Gemma has become parents pretty quickly in their relationship, she recently told The Sun that she and Gorka still have a lot of romance in their relationship

She said, “People have told us that after having a child the passion wears off, but I don’t think the passion for him could ever wane

“It’s still there, just sometimes it’s not a priority because you’re tired and having a baby

“When we have a night off and Real Madrid are playing, Gorka goes into the guest room and talks to his Spanish friends on FaceTime while the game is on and I love that because I can put some Epsom salts in a bath and relax

“Some people try to enforce the fact that they have a night off so need to be intimate but if that’s forced it’s not worth it anyway

“We’re in such a comfortable state that I can do all the sexy underwear thing and it’s gonna be great, but just as I can come in with a sick baby on a baggy shirt and greasy hair and it”I’m still fine”

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