A new COVID Vaccine Calculator is now online, with the push being given to the first groups of people across the UK, it is natural that many are excited to see when they will receive theirs

And now a new online tool will let you know when you will be in line for your vaccine

Don’t be too excited though – there are likely millions waiting in line in front of you

The first coronavirus vaccines were launched across the country last week Ninety-year-old Margaret Keenan was the first to receive hers in Coventry

Government directives mean the elderly, the most medically vulnerable, and key workers get the stab first

Given the news that a vaccine at the end of the coronavirus tunnel is shedding light on many, many people want to know when they will be receiving theirs

The online calculator that Omni created now gives people an idea of ​​when they might get one

The calculator (click here to get there) asks users for their age, whether they work in a nursing home, healthcare, or are currently pregnant

I love the new COVID vaccination calculator, I probably look like I’ll get it before the end of April

The calculator then roughly calculates how much time users will have to wait to get their push

“I love the new COVID vaccination calculator,” said one British man, “I probably look like I’ll get it before the end of April

For example, at the age of 68 we entered and told them that the person had underlying health conditions

The result says that this test person between 9926645 and 12305865 had in the queue in front of him

An estimated date was established between Jan.022021 and 1503Specified in 2021 to receive the bump (based on a rate of one million bumps per week)

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Weltnachrichten – GB – The new online COVID vaccination calculator shows how long you have to wait for the Jab

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