The concept that deleted scenes are available for almost any movie is one that the DVD / Blu-ray releases have conditioned us for. In some cases, entire alternate edits can grace a disc or digital set , and fans almost expect such things to become second nature on final home video releases, however, sometimes scenes are lost, as was the case with a pivotal musical number from director Brian Henson’s seasonal classic The Muppet Christmas Carol

The sequence I’m about to talk about was removed from the film for release in 1992 and has a spotty history of home video appearing and eventually seems to have completely vanished from the world in the recent 4K Restoration of The Muppet Christmas Carol changed everything when Brian Henson received a surprise This wasn’t just “lost” ???? Music number found, but restored for the next available version of the film.This message recalls the story of this song and why it makes so much sense to be put back into the film after all this time It’s nothing short of a vacation miracle

During his visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past, Ebenezer Scrooge (Michael Caine) is shown one of the most important moments from every version of Charles Dickensâ Holiday saga When she sees how his younger self, the love of his life, the beautiful Belle (Meredith Braun), ruthlessly abandons his stingy ways, she sings the song “When love is gone” and goes with the elder Scrooge joining the ghost as ghost in his own past, it’s a heartbreaking moment that notes his transition to the cold hearted man he was at the beginning of the story Michael Caine does a really good job too, to break his own heart through this performance, which only makes The Muppet Christmas Carol work even better as a rendition of this legendary classic

We’ve covered this topic before, but the story of why “When love is gone”? was removed is something that is always worth retelling The short version is: Disney studio boss Jeffrey Katzenberg thought the sequence would not play well with children. When The Muppet Christmas Carol went to theaters, a cut scene showed up which shows Scrooge and Belle split but skips the song altogether.If you are one of those viewers who first saw the film at the cinema and have firm memories of that version, you wouldn’t have gone crazy with kids who grew up with the home video version always had a lot to do at that moment

At Brian Henson’s insistence, The Muppet Christmas Carol would appear in its unaltered form on VHS and Laserdisc, and eventually on the movie’s first DVD release. This resulted in a ton of Muppet fans, young and old alike Got a chance to make yourself comfortable with “When love is gone” a ???? Restored in the film, the song was able to fully elaborate its counterpart, the final number “When love is found” what Scrooge sees as a changed man singing with those he now calls family Surely this was the end of the story and “When love is gone” would never go out of print again? Good

Yes, went straight into this one, didn’t I? A big problem with keeping “When Love Is Gone” in the picture was the fact that it was supposedly lost in time after its first home video run. The negative was gone, meaning the fact that this scene was even at When the first DVD pressings appeared, a miracle was a compromised miracle as would only be shown on the full-screen DVD version of the film, but a miracle nonetheless. When the Blu-ray version hit the market, the disappearance was the Full version of The Muppet Christmas Carol completed “When Love Is Gone” was nowhere to be found (except as a bonus feature in the Disney version of the film) However, one final miracle stalled the deal and made history in one of the best ways possible / p>

Even Brian Henson couldn’t believe the studio’s luck after “When Love Is Gone” Found Again Even though the Muppets are wholly owned by Disney, Henson is still involved with the studio, such as the recently released Muppet-free talk show Earth To Ned, of course, he would be involved in the new 4K remaster that will be featured in The Muppet Christmas Carol is shot, and through that effort Brian Henson got the best Christmas present ever. Henson revealed the news to the BBC a few weeks ago, telling the story like this:

I was so excited they actually hid it so I went downstairs and they said, “But before we show you, we have one more thing we want to show you“And they played the fourth role of Christmas Carol with When Love Is Gone. I said, ‘No you didn’t!” And they said,’ Yeah, we did it! We found it! ‘ I was so happy, I was so happy

After nearly 30 years of complicated history, studio notes, and disappearing negatives, The Muppet Christmas Carol is now ready to be seen in its full form, so the next question is when will we see this masterpiece finally revert to its earlier one Shine returns If the team is in the middle of a 4K restoration, chances are there will be a future home video re-release, which may or may not be related to the 30th anniversary in 2022 regarding the Disney version of the film Brian had Henson to say this:

They’re all back to the full version I don’t know if they’ll be releasing it on Disney Plus in time for Christmas because they have all of these processes, but it’s coming back, the full version is coming back

The bottom line is we’ll have to wait for The Muppet’s Christmas story to be fully restored.This kind of thing takes time, and it’s not that the 4K remaster can simply wonder its way into the Disney queue by comparison this waiting nothing, because the hope to see “???? When Love Is Gone” ???? Taking your place in Disney history is now a reality and not just a Christmas wish

When I first came to CinemaBlend, I treated the loss of this song as a vacation feature in the hope that one day everything would be fine to hear that we are closer than ever to the true version of The Muppet Christmas Carol before, is a holiday miracle for me and certainly for everyone who has ever loved this movie because it is an event that feels like it should never have happened, despite all the odds, the legacy of this musical story endures, as does the negative for “when love is gone” a ???? While I am still watching the theatrical version of the film about Disney as well as the separately included scene, I will do so with a grateful heart, all thanks to this joyful news which only proves that we can always use a little fresh Muppet magic. p>

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