The Pembrokeshire Murders starring Luke Evans and Alexandria Riley is a new ITV series about the hunt for the “Bullseye Killer” And it looks damn good too

Updated on 7 January: It seems like really good true crime series are a bit like buses; You wait forever for one, and then three appear at once

At the BBC we’re slowly becoming obsessed with the serial killer drama The Serpent. Netflix has just released a trailer for its disturbing documentaries, Night Stalker, which “tells the intriguing real story of one of the most notorious serial killers in American history hunted and brought to justice ”

Based on the book Catching The Bullseye Killer from Real Crime, newly promoted Detective Superintendent Steve Wilkins takes on the task of reopening two unsolved double murders from the 1980s

Using groundbreaking forensic methods, Wilkins and his handpicked team soon discover microscopic DNA and fibers that may link the murders to a number of break-ins in the 1980s and 1990s

However, the perpetrator of these crimes is already in jail and nearing the end of his sentence.It is up to DS Wilkins and his team to find the evidence that keeps the killer behind bars and prevents him from striking again. p>

It’s worth noting that the series also includes an odd twist that affects the ITV quiz show Bullseye

We’re not going to share too much here because well, because of spoilers rest assured, it’s the kind of story where everyone talks long after the credits roll (and googled what really happened)

Luke Evans, who you may recognize as Gaston from Disney’s live-action Beauty And The Beast, will portray Welsh detective Steve Wilkins

The series also includes Keith Allen as John Cooper, Owen Teale as Gerard Elias, Alexandria Riley as Ella Richards, Caroline Berry as Pat Cooper, Oliver Ryan as Andrew Cooper and David Fynn as ITV News journalist Jonathan Hill

In 1985 a double murder with a shotgun was committed in Pembrokeshire, Wales The victims were local residents, brother and sister, Richard and Helen Thomas

In 1989 Pembrokeshire was shaken when husband and wife Peter and Gwenda Dixon were also murdered with a shotgun

While both crimes were thoroughly investigated, no one was charged. Then, in 2006, DCI Steve Wilkins returned to Wales after a stint at Scotland Yard and began a new position as Assistant Director of Dyfed Powys CID

Inspired by the success of DNA forensics in solving serious crime rates, Wilkins decided to re-investigate the two double homicides and so he got down to work with a carefully selected team

Evidence gathered suggests that one man was responsible for all four murders: John William Cooper, a local man who has been in jail for a number of break-ins and robberies

Knowing that Cooper would soon be on parole, Wilkins and his team worked around the clock to find the concrete evidence they needed to indict him for the murders, but their surprising breakthrough came in the form of Bullseye

Right: Cooper appeared on the TV quiz show just a month before the murder of Peter and Gwenda Dixon, and it was this archive footage that helped match Cooper to an artist’s impression based on a witness inspection

As on 6 January reports: Luke Evans has called it a “privilege” to play the role in the television drama

“It is a privilege to play the role of Steve Wilkins on The Pembrokeshire Murders and to work again with Simon Heath, his team at World Productions and ITV,” he said in a press release

“It is a great responsibility for me as the drama is a true crime that still affects the families of those whose lives have been tragically taken to this day”

Meanwhile, director Marc Evans said: “You have to be as authentic and realistic as possible and accurate to get the story right, in relation to everyone involved. And then you have to be very respectful of the victims and the families of the victims Understand the potential impact of the scenes you are portraying There is a sense of responsibility “

He added, “Casting a real criminal is always difficult, let’s not forget he’s there and really did these things Keith Allen was pretty brilliant at taking on the characteristics of Cooper and creating some kind of weird dynamic that the man obviously had ”

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