Wednesday 3 March 2021, 9:30 a.m.

Starting today, residents will be invited to take part in the 2021 census

The National Statistics Bureau, which conducts the 2021 Census, is working with Milton Keynes Council to conduct a successful census and help local services fully meet future needs

Between the 3rd and 12 On March 1st, all households in Milton Keynes will receive an information pack with their unique 16-digit access code to complete the online census

The census can be completed once the package is received, provided you know where to go on the day of the census – November 21st March – it will take about 10 minutes for each person who lives there

The census will help government, councils, and health officials plan and fund public services such as transportation, education, and health – from bike lanes and schools to green spaces and dental offices

Lisa Robson, Milton Keynes Census Engagement Manager, said: “The 2021 census will be vital in providing an overview of life in the 21st century Century and to be preserved in these unprecedented times

“Census information has an impact on the life of every single person in Milton Keynes as it is used to plan and finance things that are important to our daily lives, such as maternity services, apprenticeship programs and on-site kindergarten facilities

“Unfortunately, those who need the services that build on census data such as those provided by our major local charities are often those who have the most difficulty completing them, please encourage everyone to do their census to be completed using the support available at wwwVolkszählungRegierunguk

“I’m really proud to live in such a diverse city Let’s make sure the 2021 census reflects all of Milton Keynes’ different parishes ”

Participation in the census is compulsory Those who fail to complete their census questionnaire could face criminal prosecution, fined up to £ 1000 and a criminal record

A wide range of assistance is available to complete the census regardless of your needs.Services include:

– Online instructions and support in many languages ​​(https: // VolkszählungRegierunguk / help / language-and-accessibility / sprachen) or call the language helpline on 0800 587 2021

– If you prefer, a paper version of the questionnaire can be ordered online (https: // census) governmentuk /) or by calling 0800 141 2021

Milton Keynes also has a Census Support Center operated by the Great Linford Parish Council

Due to Covid restrictions, they are currently only available by phone As the restrictions change, you should be able to visit them too

Anyone can call or email to make an appointment and they will let you know when you fill out the form, whether you want to do it online or have a paper version

– Current information on opening times and services can be found on the website of the census at https: // VolkszählungRegierunguk / de / find-a-support-center /

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2021 Census, Census

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