Not only has the pandemic resulted in a tremendous increase in people booking vacation at home, it has also created an entire TV genre: the “Staycation Travelogue” ”in Toksvig’s new series, they and one visit famous friend various architecturally clever (and no doubt tongue in cheek expensive) holiday apartments, starting in Suffolk on the coast with actress Alison Steadman. “It looks a little unkempt” is Steadman’s first impression of an imaginatively renovated “Martello Tower”, the round defensive fortresses, that were created to fend off Napoleon, but that’s before she gets in. And while Steadman gets excited about clouds, Toksvig shares the (quite interesting) facts

“I don’t like the chickpea,” says Rachel Johnson when the versatile legume is revealed to be Chris Bavin’s rustle-up ingredient in today’s quarter-finals. That lack of familiarity soon becomes apparent to Mary Berry, who is peering through her opera glasses from the balcony and for Johnson’s recipe fears, Berry’s own challenge is to bake a feast cake that provokes a classic bake-off-style accident

The audience has probably had enough of the 45 Presidents of the United States, but for anyone looking for more evidence of Donald Trump’s (let’s just say) unconventional leadership, this new series on his foreign policy hears from his top advisors and the leaders who clashed with him. The first issue looks at Trump first year and a half in office back when he faced spectacularly with some of America’s oldest allies, and at the summits where he shocked his colleagues

After last week’s bone-breaking end (latecomers can check it out on ITV Hub and BritBox), the team is in shock and forced to accept the help of a new unit, and after a series of raids, everything seems tied to this mysterious breakwater development that the seedy Marshbrook family doesn’t like to talk about or as DI Tony Manning puts it: “We now know that the law firm was acting for a criminal company”

First in a two-part documentary about the disappearance of nine-year-old Shannon Matthews in Yorkshire in 2008, an investigation that caught the nation in part because of similarities to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, with no spoiler to say it was a Certainly a Spoiler Joke deception was designed by her mother, Karen, who hoped to benefit from the publicity and any reward

Somewhere between whose line is it anyway? and would I lie to you ?, with comedians improvising various hypothetical scenarios (first, how to steal an animal from a zoo) James Acaster and Josh Widdicombe have guested on so many other shows that it is a bit strange at first to see them as Seeing Hosts Acaster has the more fulfilling job of helping visitors (Suzi Ruffell, Desiree Burch, Sophie Duker and Tom Allen) realize their improbable scenarios – Duker gives the phrase “the elephant in the room” a whole new meaning

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Alison Steadman, Sandi Toksvig

World news – GB – Tonight, Sandi Toksvig is fleeing to Suffolk with Alison Steadman