The Greenock born actor was ashamed to discover a penis had been drawn in one of his police notebooks used on the show

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Line of Duty actress Vicky McClure prank Scottish co-star Martin Compston by drawing a penis into one of his props used on the show

McClure, who plays DI Kate Fleming in the hit cop drama, drew the rude picture in a police notepad of the Greenock-born actor

Compston will return to our screens as AC-12’s DS Steve Arnott when the BBC’s sixth series airs later this month

Before the new series, McClure told That Gaby Roslin Podcast, “I remember a year when Martin got his little notebooks from the police and I drew (the picture)

“They just gave me the same notebook It’s just a random page and I just opened it

“I always start these scenes (by saying) ‘AC-12 interview,'” said Compston, referring to the name of the anti-corruption unit

“You’re trying to cover it up and hide it and you don’t want to tell anyone because everyone’s going to go (laughs) so you just have to hide it,” he said

Compston said there are a lot of bodies on set, especially in the “huge interview scenes” which are so “daunting and stressful”

“It takes a good 20 minutes and we just laugh at it and then come back to it”

He said the “fair abuse” of Ted Hastings, played by Adrian Dunbar, could trigger them

Compston said that Dunbar “exclaimed, ‘A herd of elephants is coming for you’ It’s not in the script

“It came out when he scolded we were all trying to keep it together and then someone left and we were all gone It’s a release what’s funny are people trying to keep it together”

“In a way, the whole series was built on that,” Compston said of the next episode

Vicky McClure

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