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At Slate’s annual Movie Club, film critic Dana Stevens emails fellow critics – this year Justin Chang, Odie Henderson, and Alison Willmore – in theaters over the year Read the previous entry here

It’s been a few days since I wrote my last broadcast thanks to a national holiday that some families consider sacred, others watch in their own worldly ways, and still others refuse to celebrate at all. I am of course referring to New Superhero Movie Release Date Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 1984 debuted in theaters and on HBO Max on Christmas Day.The mostly lukewarm critical reviews and audience reaction in real time gave us a glimpse into word of mouth in the post-cinema era (please, sir, do You this “power”, not “will”) ) look like the reaction was immediate and for the most part – at least judging by my own social media feeds over the weekend – negative

What were the actual audience numbers? Nobody knows for sure, as showing stats is a well-kept secret on most major streaming platforms, HBO Max just said that “nearly half” of their retail subscribers saw the movie on the first day of its release, and they all the way looked through? How many unique viewers got for every $ 14.99 a monthly household subscription? What about users who are not “retail” subscribers but who receive service through their cable provider? We will never know! At least Warner Bros. has already announced that it will be pushing a sequel as if its long-delayed tent mast had opened in theaters for a record-breaking weekend – although the movie’s physical box office revenue is only a tiny fraction of its $ 200 million budget so far >

Perhaps WW84 will be what Christopher Nolan, the complexly written villain of our last round, grumbled that Tenet could be for the same company: a loss leader dangling as bait to squeeze the low theatrical income received from a property Mainly used to power new HBO Max subscriptions The ethics of this dual strategy amid a deadly global pandemic is, as noted in the previous round, controversial but it seems that given the essential 2020 film question – where to go in the aftermath of COVID ? – one of the few surviving Golden Age studios in Hollywood decided that where is our new streaming service going, where

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Can I tell you my own WW84 story to go from this broad economic view to a narrow personal view? I had been looking forward to seeing this film all year round – and if you consult my record of comic blockbusters you will know how unusual that is. In 2017, the first Wonder Woman terrified me by taking me to the multiplex It was the rare comic book film that made me understand the pull of the genre, that primal fantasy that it offers to identify with someone who is both overly powerful and unreservedly good as Diana, Gal Gadot conveyed these two Characteristics convincing to an audience – women – who were underserved in both departments throughout our film lives

I settled down on Christmas Eve to watch WW84 after a long week of work fueled by the sleepless, anxious energy that can precede a vacation even in less generally anxious times that viewing conditions were better than a year in which many films made for viewing on the big screen were only available through broken watermarked press preview links on an 11-inch laptop screen, as HBO Max may realize that his flagship was already losing a lot in the transition from theater to couch and made it available through a streaming channel that I could see on my highest quality home screen for 2020, this was luxurious, as close as I was to the out of state excursion Alison described when she was with this year Colleague Tenet saw on a rented multiplex screen: a somewhat unusual simulacrum, as we used to do Seeing films that somehow evoked both nostalgia and a sense of alienation

I doubled the comfort factor, actually got under a blanket and opened a bottle of wine by the time Chris Pine showed up I was a year and a half and I won’t swear that didn’t add to how glad I was Seeing him about a never-explained and retrospective return from the dead creepy body-switch conceit, but … I really liked the movie! Sure, it was fancy planned, morally oversimplified, and about 20 percent too long like any other superhero blockbuster, but given the genre’s limitations, it had a lot going for it: two engaging leads with real chemistry, a charming comic performance by Kristen Wiig as Diana’s buddy turned enemy, and Pedro Pascal as the scene-eating second villain (a great comic film needs two villains, just like a proper festival needs two main courses), who is both more motivated than your average world destroyer and a rare shot to get earthly redemption

Feeling foggy about the declining critical pleasure of seeing a big, stupid, funny movie around the same time everyone else would be watching and talking about it, I wrote a long and almost entirely positive review that left me sincere and maybe a bit raving about my bond with this absurd couple and their centuries-long romance. When I finished the last edit, I was even proud of my unfamiliar populism: watch me here and like a comic book! Never let me tell you that every movie on my top 10 list is a tough Eastern European documentary! (In fact there is only one of them this year, Collective, which is a miracle and that Justin has on his list too)

{WW84 wasn’t just the disappointing second chapter in a large budget franchise run by a promising female director It was a rejection of everything the first film stood for, an insult to the intelligence of its viewers and an abomination to the Lord (I condense a lot of tweets here, people seemed very upset with Wonder Woman 1984, is my point) p>

This is what all blockbuster releases will look like in the new era of day and date: live tweet anger reactions, instant combative reactions, people who haven’t seen the movie to complain about spoilers, and the discourse about all the film that was made and dusted before the opening weekend is over? Or was the reception of this film influenced by the still novel conditions of its opening, as if our cultural immune system was not yet ready to process an entire studio blockbuster seen in captivity? I’m not sure how to describe this, but there was something about this quick wave of reaction that felt more draining than the usual opening rhythm of hardcore fans waiting in long lines to see blockbusters on the first weekend, while most of us make our way through our $ 15 until the word gets around that the movie is good with WB’s new HBO Max setup, the pass was already done in the form of a monthly subscription fee So you might as well hit play once a movie is available, then jump online and complain before the movie is even over

I’ve seen many comic book movies that hit theaters worse than Wonder Woman in 1984, got mixed feedback from reviewers and a predictable rave reception from superfans, and stayed at or near the top of the box office for weeks on end, the rest of us figured out what we thought but Jenkins new movie doesn’t have to be loved or hated or even sell a certain number of tickets to be considered a success, it just needs to have enough brand awareness to justify the parent company putting out a sequel with it Our bank accounts can continue to be charged with an automated subscription fee. No matter how good or bad you feel about this latest installment of the DC / Marvel content multiverse, the bigger problem seems to be a film economy that operates on this vampiric principle

Oops, I’ll go again and write 1 for the second time in a week500 Words About Wonder Woman 1984 Please don’t get me to spend our next round talking about it! Do not hesitate to share your thoughts if you like, but before that, give me soul, give me promising young woman, give me Wild Mountain Thyme I hope you experience this third round as a relaxation of inhibitions, as a chance to unwind all emotions to process whatever you may have left over from this volatile year, which films did you give a glowing review to expose them as a gullible sucker upon release like I did with WW84? And which ones did you annoy or dismiss only to think about them days later?

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