Prime Minister Boris Johnson will take the helm at the press conference tonight at 5:00 p.m. as millions more people are expected to be plunged into the strict Tier 4 coronavirus restrictions

Mr Johnson will speak from Downing Street following a series of announcements including the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine approval These areas will put stricter Covid-19 measures and let students know if students will be back to school in January

The Prime Minister’s press conference follows just hours after Health Secretary Matt Hancock gave the House of Commons an update on what restrictions are being put in place

Much of the north-east of England is expected to face tougher measures and the NHS is coming under increasing pressure with soaring infection rates across the country

There will also be an update on Schools from Education Secretary Gavin Williamson on whether schools will reopen in January

After discovering its much more transmissible variant, unions and academics have raised increasing concerns about the spread of the virus

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the goal is “to protect education as much as possible,” but acknowledged the challenge that the new variant brings

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today program: “The Minister of Education will set out his proposals later today. Of course we want to protect education as much as we can

“But the new variant makes the transmission of this disease much easier. So we will protect education as much as possible”

Boris Johnson was due to chair an important meeting Wednesday to delay secondary schools reopening, according to the Daily Telegraph

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