First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed that some students will be able to go back to school from next Monday

Ms Sturgeon announced the results of the recent lockdown review in Scotland, stating that the MSP lockdown “worked” and reduced the spread of Covid-19

This will allow the Scottish Government to establish a “strategic framework” for ending the lockdown, which will be released next week

However, she warned that the situation was still very fragile. “Even a slight relaxation of restrictions could cause cases to pick up again quickly,” she said

The First Minister confirmed that first to third elementary school students – children between four and eight years of age – will be able to start Monday the 22nd February, will be back to school

All school-age and childcare children can also return The schools are open to upper secondary students who need to complete practical work to achieve a qualification

The older students have to distance themselves socially in school and in school traffic

“We are choosing to take advantage of the very limited space currently available to get at least some children back to school – because children’s education and well-being are such a priority,” said Ms. Sturgeon

“But if we can get children back into education, the rest of us can live longer with different limitations

The First Minister said there would be no “immediate changes to the current lockdown restrictions” and that the “home stay requirement would remain at least until early March – and possibly for a further period beyond”

Ms Sturgeon said the Scottish government was working on its exit lockdown plan, which will be released next week

Scotland’s plan advises against booking Easter holidays either overseas or in the UK, Ms. Sturgeon

The lockdown exit plan will give priority to education, followed by greater family contact and the gradual reopening of the economy, initially requiring non-essential retail openings, Ms. Sturgeon


“It will be clear what compromises – not least continued travel restrictions – are necessary to allow for more normalcy within our own boundaries,” she added

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