In contrast to Stacey Dooley’s deaf-mute trips to maternity wards during lockdown, Emma Willis: Delivering Babies is a comforting companion

The idea of ​​having a celebrity moderator by your side during labor always seemed weird to me, Are the contractions and the tweezers not enough to worry without considering the presence of a weeping Stacey Dooley? Panorama aired a Dooley Lockdown special last year that had a backlash because the host was allowed to roam the maternity ward at a time when partners were barely allowed to be there for their own babies to be born

Luckily Emma Willis: The 2020 Birth of Babies (W) Wasn’t That Deaf This is the third baby series from Willis who has shown her commitment to the subject by studying for two years, to qualify as a maternity assistant instead of standing there like a spare part in the previous series, she threw herself in and helped with the deliveries

At the beginning of this series, she made it clear that the program wouldn’t send crews to hospitals.Instead, the featured couples recorded their own video diaries and kept Willis posted via Zoom. Seeing a presenter on TV can be dampening, but Willis is so empathetic that it worked. There is also a wonderful calm in her. If I had another baby tomorrow, I would like her to guide me through the baby

But after having two babies, I realize that births don’t always go according to plan, and I watch this kind of show on the sidelines, ready for disaster, luckily, all of the babies came safe and sound Florence had an emergency caesarean section, but unlike One Born Every Minute, there weren’t any fixed cameras filming that. The next time we saw Florence, she was tired but happy and delighted after she finally found a position in which Baby Jett would go to sleep: curled up in a furry cat bed (an unused one, she added for clarification)

But like the other women here, she was unable to have her mother by her side during pregnancy, childbirth, or those soul-robbing early days, which proved to be as difficult for everyone as attending prenatal appointments alone It is a difficult time to have a baby Hopefully this program will be comforting to anyone who goes through it

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Emma Willis

World News – UK – When you let a celebrity guide you through childbirth, Emma Willis makes a reassuring choice