Ladbaby Christmas Carol 2020: Could’ Don’t Stop Me Eatin ‘get Christmas number 1 – and who is the YouTube star?

Mackenzie Crook – known for The Office, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Detectorists – is back this Christmas as the lovable Worzel Gummidge scarecrow

Last year we saw two one-off films following Gummidge’s wacky adventures, and now a new film, Saucy Nancy, promises to be another family favorite during this festive season

Crook said: “I am excited and grateful to be doing a new episode of Worzel Gummidge for everyone after a difficult year. We’re leaving Scatterbrook for this story, on a day trip to the ocean, some fresh air and some space”

In the new episode, the walking, talking scarecrow will meet an old friend with a bad mouth a carved figurehead named Saucy Nancy

According to the BBC synopsis, Nancy has been “languishing for years, unsold in the courtyard, and longing to return to the sea

“Worzel and the kids promise to take her there, but will your ship wait? Worzel doubts it, but Nancy is convinced she can feel it in her carvings

“The adventure unfolds as the strange foursome find their way to the coast on foot, by bus, wheelbarrow, motorcycle and sidecar. It would never be easy”

On the rare journey from Scatterbrook, Gummidge meets wild moorland and the white cliffs of Seashell The episode honors Barbara Windsor, who played Saucy Nancy in the 1980s original

The Maidstone-born actor and father of two is once again responsible not only for writing the special episodes inspired by a number of books by English writer Barbara Euphan Todd, but also directing and playing the title role / p>

Saucy Nancy plays Shirley Henderson, a Scottish actress best known for her film roles, including Gail in Trainspotting, Jude in the three Bridget Jones films, and Moaning Myrtle in Harry Potter

Alongside Crook and Henderson, India Brown (The Stranger) will return as Susan and Thierry Wickens as John, while Vanessa Redgrave (Call the Midwife) will play Peg

Also in the cast Steve Pemberton (Inside No. 9) and Rosie Cavaliero (Hold the Sunset) return as Mr and Mrs Braithwaite

The shooting of Saucy Nancy was supposed to take place in early 2020, but was delayed by the Covid-19 crisis

“We were all preparing to start preparing when there was a lockdown,” said Crook, who also announced two Worzel Gummidge episodes are scheduled for this year and two next year / p>

“As time went on, we decided that we wouldn’t try to push two in, just one this year

“It was a great relief to actually be up there doing an episode because sometimes it looked like we couldn’t do one and that would have been a two year wait for people to do another episode for Children would have taken a lot of time ”

Shane Allen, Comedy Commissioner for the BBC, said, “What about Mackenzie and shows in a field?

“After last year’s bucolic eco-fables, we find Worzel in mischievous form, spreading his sunburned wit and wisdom in another heartwarming story”

Worzel Gummidge: Saucy Nancy will be on Christmas Eve (24 December) aired at 5:55 pm on BBC One

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