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Yesterday, McDonald’s and The Pokémon Company launched a promotion to mark the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon phenomenon. As part of the celebration, McDonald’s released a special Happy Meal commemorative box modeled after Pokémon Pikachu, the box itself is adorable , but there’s something even better: a special booster pack with Pokémon TCG cards.Each pack contains four cards and there are a total of 50 cards to collect: 25 regular cards with Pokémon characters and 25 foil versions of the same cards

The problem is, many parents and children find it impossible to actually get one of these cards when buying a Pokémon Happy Meal because adult collectors or scalpers stop by to get them all, or worse, them for sale on eBay or Twitter

A simple search shows how crazy things are Some people boast of buying over a dozen Pokémon Happy Meals at a time just to get the cards

Tonight at 8 p.m. EST we’re going to be opening some @ McDonalds # Pokemon 25th Anniversary Packs along with Rebel Clash Packs and the rest of the # MTGKaldheim booster box Live on #Twitch: https: // tco / Y3miig2LjJ picTwittercom / lUFREKdzpa

Had to get 6 happy meals to get the # Pokemon25 cards, hmmmm would 4 hurt more ???? #PokemonTCG #pokemon @McDonalds yall slick ???? ImageTwittercom / RwQ4bXZq0j

But worse than the folks who made happy meals worth 10Collecting 000 calories for the cards are the people who take advantage of a mistake in the promotion you see, in some McDonald’s stores you can order a single Pokémon Happy Meal and then add additional Pokémon card packs to the order as “side items”

And hey, I understand Pokémon is in its 25th birthday Year, so of course many adults grew up with living beings as children and they are just geeked about the nostalgia hit.But if all adults continue to grab the Pokémon Happy Meals and trading cards, nothing will be left for the new generation of Pokémon fans / p>

My baby got her happy meal today, she was super excited I think her favorite part was the stickers and the coloring of the Mons #pokemon #mcdonalds #happymeal # pokemon25 #playpokemon #nextgen picTwittercom / QmBGqTnkBM

Hopefully Mcdonalds will fix this situation soon, and ideally the company should at least not allow the Pokémon Anniversary Card Packs to be purchased as multiple ancillary items with just a single Happy Meal purchase.We got McDonald’s and The Pokémon Company to comment on the matter asked and will update this post whenever we hear anything

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