Bruce Springsteen comes on stage on a motorcycle as the New York Comedy Festival and the Bob Woodruff Foundation celebrate the 10th Annual Stand Up for Heroes present event at the theater at Madison Square Garden on Jan. November 2016 in New York CityPhoto by Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for the Bob Woodruff Foundation

Bruce Springsteen pleaded guilty on Wednesday to drinking tequila at Sandy Hook Federal Park last year, but dropped two other charges of drunk and reckless driving charges after his blood alcohol level was found to be well below the legal limit / p>

Prosecutors said they couldn’t bear the legal burden of drunk driving and revealed the 71-year-old’s 02 blood alcohol level, well below the 08 threshold

Springsteen was wearing a dark blazer with a button-down shirt under a crew-neck sweater and was sitting next to attorney Mitchell Ansell during the virtual appearance before Judge Anthony Mautone

Answering a few short questions from his attorney, he admitted drinking alcohol on November 14, 2020 in an “enclosed area” of Sandy Hook Park where drinking was recently banned

While asking, Assistant US. Attorney Adam Baker said Springsteen did not take the preliminary breath test during the on-site sobriety tests but instead gave a sample at the Park Ranger Station.The first test is not required by law, Baker said, and Mautone added it would also not be allowed in court

“The government does not believe it can bear its burden of proof. We respectfully move the court to dismiss the two (remaining) charges”

“I’m just going to impose a fine,” said Mautone, noting Springsteen’s neat driving history, which dates back to 1973, “Rarely would you see a driver’s summary with no entries like this. I’m convinced that a fine is appropriate in this case Sentence is ”

“Mr. Springsteen I have to ask you how long you have to pay the money “Asked Mautone

The judge set Wednesday as the deadline for payment of the $ 540, including $ 40 in court fees

The Rock’n’Roll Hall of Famer was born and raised in Freehold Today she lives in Colts Neck

“Mr. Springsteen is pleased with the outcome of today’s courtroom appearance, “said Ansell in a statement made after the brief hearing.” Prosecutors were unable to provide the evidence and facts required related to the Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charge and reckless driving, and therefore dismissed both charges, Mr. Springsteen, who has no criminal record, voluntarily confesses to a violation of an alcoholic drink in an enclosed area, and agrees to be fined $ 500 We want to appear in court thank you and will not comment further at this time ”

The musician, known around the world as The Boss, was arrested after a park ranger saw him recording tequila and started the engine of his Triumph motorcycle, according to court records

The park ranger who arrested Springsteen said the singer smelled strongly of alcohol, had glassy eyes, and swayed back and forth during on-site sobriety tests

Sandy Hook is part of the Gateway National Recreation Area and is operated by the National Park Service. In 2019, the park banned alcohol after hundreds of alcohol incidents in previous years

Springsteen hit the headlines earlier this month when he appeared in a Super Bowl commercial for Jeep, a first for the musician. In the two-minute piece titled “The Middle,” the singer drove a jeep through a church in Kansas, when he told a call for political unity

After the news of the DWI arrest surfaced, Jeep said they would stop broadcasting the ad

And earlier this week, Springsteen and former President Barack Obama released two episodes of their podcast titled “Renegades: Born In The U” SA The two discuss a variety of topics; The two became friends during Obama’s presidency, and Springsteen played a private concert at the White House in January 2017

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World News – USA – Bruce Springsteen has dropped the DWI charges and pleads guilty of drinking tequila in Federal Park, N.J.