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The year between this and the last Super Bowl was one of the worst and craziest in modern American history There was a pandemic (The pandemic is still ongoing) The President had an impeachment trial (Amazingly, this is still happening) one Bunch of violent right-wing idiots stormed the US. Capitol (this literally just happened) John Prine died (this probably won’t happen again) around 4700 other memorably horrific things happened too, and when I went to Super Bowl LV I wondered how the world’s brands would react to that horrific year in the commercials they paid millions to air during the big game had

Mostly Not Sure, a series of advertisements, slantingly referring to the past year, were crude, though most skipped the details of why it was so harsh. Others vaguely called for national unity, though conveniently forgetting accurate to mention what shared us Very few of these ads have done well as you can’t have a real message of unity or sympathy without details However, if you’re buying a Super Bowl ad, you don’t want to be over-specific either So that you don’t offend one or the other half of this polarized nation

So most of the ads took the safe route, not mentioning the past year at all, instead they set up a world where everything is fine and always been fine (no pandemics here, just lots of random celebrity cameos) it was some weird stuff and some serious stuff and some stuff that was actually pretty funny But in a year when most of us don’t know what to say, America’s advertising genius has largely proved no different. It’s been a tough year for Super Bowl commercials I’m almost certain this will happen again

The very first ad after kick-off was for a new M Night Shyamalan movie which apparently is about a creepy beach that makes you old prematurely or something like that.The second ad after kick-off was for M&Ms who always deliver clever, punchy Super Bowl spots to remind you that there are M&Ms and that maybe you should eat something that ends this year with Schitts Creek actor Dan Levy trying to apologize to some anthropomorphic candy that so many of her brothers have consumed, the twist is that Levy has another sentient one M&M locked in his car, who is desperately trying to escape before he suffers the same fate The moral: Don’t trust Schitt’s Creek actor Dan Levy Anyway, I’m looking forward to the M Night Shyamalan’s adaptation of this creepy premise sometime in 2022

Most Super Bowl ads feature fairly prosaic fantasies, prompting viewers to imagine themselves behind the wheel of a mid-price car or open a fresh bag of chips – you know what kind of accomplishments actually for an average American Couch reachable. Potato Inspiration4, a project by Elon Musks SpaceX, wants Schlubs like you and me to dream big and imagine ourselves in space. “This fall, Inspiration4 starts as the first purely civilian mission into space and you could be on board, “the ad reads, directing curious souls to a website The ad worked provided I actually visited the website. But I’ve seen this Simpsons episode before and it didn’t end well for anyone

For Doordash, Daveed Diggs and a couple of popular Sesame Street dolls ripple on the show’s classic “People in Your Neighborhood” to explain that you can support many stores and restaurants in your neighborhood by having their goods delivered over Doordash Fair enough, but I will find that some of the restaurants in my neighborhood give discounts to people who call and order directly because the fees that DoorDash and other third-party delivery services charge are often so high that they can make the profits of the Restaurants on the site consume items you buy Keep track of your supplements, you cookie monster

“What if Matthew McConaughey was a terrible two-dimensional being that repels everyone he encounters?” is not just the plot of my latest fan fiction by Matthew McConaughey: it’s the premise of this year’s Doritos ad This spot wasn’t funny, but effective in that Flatthew McConaughey provided a remarkable visual sales aid for the chip being marketed here – Doritos 3D, who apparently look like normal Doritos but are puffy. Anyway, after McConaughey eats one of these 3D chips, it fills up to its proper dimensions, whereupon it is instantly in a vending machine, strangely enough, my Matthew McConaughey- Fanfiction Story Get your own ideas, Doritos!

I liked General Motors’ funny ad starring Will Ferrell as an electric vehicle enthusiast with a bizarre grudge against Norway because the nation “sells more electric cars per capita than the U.S.“Not long since GM plans to bring 30 new electric vehicles to market by 2025. Eat it, Norway! The ad was coherent and clever (a rarity this year) and co-stars Awkwafina and Kenan Thompson were funny too, however I’ll notice the irony in the way this ad about energy-saving electric vehicles featured three celebrities making tons of Expended energy by taking a spontaneous and unnecessary trip to Scandinavia I’m not sure Norway really has that much to fear

The Online Job Market Indeed, the Super Bowl debut immediately after the first quarter with one of the few places of the night where the pandemic could be tackled head-on, “You’re Broken and Tired of Living on a Carousel,” was the background music as the ad featured a bunch of sad-looking Americans sitting at home longing for a website – a website – that could help them find work. Is Indeed – which, according to its very straightforward slogan, “People helps to find work ”- this website? If you’ve actually been out of work and seen the game, you probably at least considered navigating to Indeed to find out.Not a fun or particularly entertaining place, but I found it effective enough

“When did Bud Light Seltzer start making lemonade? Probably when 2020 gave us all these lemons, ”begins the ad for Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade, then interpreting that premise literally, showing lemons falling from the sky, devastating all those unlucky enough to stand straight on Path Though Me Referring to the general message here that last year’s horrors can best be tackled with a steady diet of fruity, low-carb, malt beverages, I was also impressed by the fact that none of the young, attractive attendees were at that seltzer party wears one Mask Attention, people, in four to seven days it could start raining lemons again for you careless seltzer lovers

Rocket Mortgage had the funniest ad of the night for my money. In it, comedian Tracy Morgan tried to educate a family of potential home buyers about the difference between pretty safe and safe, and the advert cut off between various crazy scenarios – “Pretty sure that they’re parachutes, “said Morgan as he pushed the Patriarch out of a plane “I’m pretty sure those hornets aren’t the murder type,” Morgan said as the nest he poked landed right on the father’s head. The point here was clearly that home buyers need to be sure of what they are Can afford when looking for a home, and that America’s fathers should stay a long way from Tracy Morgan

The coveted “What the hell was that?” The 2021 award goes to Oatly, supplier of oat milk and oat milk products The spot took CEO Toni Petersson to a random field on a cloudy day, playing a keyboard and badly singing a song about how oat milk is “like milk but made for people “Yes, for weird people. That ad clapped for some sort of spurious weirdness that ultimately turns out to be complacent. Although I like Oatly’s products, I admit that I love the company’s fad of producing ads that are very self-conscious and deliberate.” Waste space bought by them, don’t understand or like

Tide almost gave Oatly a run for his insane money, telling the story of a hooded sweater with a grotesquely oversized photo of Jason Alexander’s face worn by a teenage boy who had apparently not washed the hoodie in weeks The ad came on Rated “The Theme from The Greatest American Hero” which is also known as the building block for George Costanza’s answering machine music The kid should have run there

“Soccer is a microcosm of America,” begins this NFL house ad, as it goes through a series of B-roles on social justice as it finds that the league is “earning $ 250 million to end the system Racism “If you say so folks! They are still the league that Colin Kaepernick was blacked out in, that has to bribe his teams to hire black head coaches, and that had a bubble-free regular season in the middle of a pandemic that helped that hundreds of players and staff tested positive for COVID

In another example of a food delivery company that uses nostalgia to make themselves appear nice and friendly, Uber Eats trots out a troubled Mike Myers and Dana Carvey to re-enact their characters from Wayne’s world, almost 30 years later, the almost broadcast geriatric Wayne and Garth still out of the basement except now that they’re shilling for Uber Eats, Cardi B is there for some reason too It Wasn’t Funny This ad was bad in the way many Super Bowl ads are bad: it did Spent a lot of money to restore certain aspects of a beloved cultural touchstone while neglecting the things that loved that cultural touchstone in the first place, such as the heart and good humor and Tia Carrere

The Fiverr website, which allows employees to hire freelancers and freelancers to perform a variety of low-wage tasks, has picked some pretty low-hanging fruit with its engaging ad on Four Seasons Total Landscaping Yes, this Four Seasons Total Landscaping The ad featured the Philadelphia company’s real owner, Marie Siravo, who led viewers through her quirky attempts to redefine her business as the “Four Seasons Total Landscaping and Press Venue” – with the help of Fiverr freelancers, of course Siravo was a successful spokesman and the ad was fun and clever, but actually Fiverr could have aimed its camera at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping sign for 30 seconds and it would have scored. Some beloved cultural touchstones are strong enough to stand alone

I wasn’t sure what to think of this strange ad of Cheetos where Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis and Shaggy switched lines in a Cheetos version of Shaggy’s 2000 hit “It Wasn’t Me” Just tell him it’s not you, “advised Shaggy Kunis when Kutcher accused her of stealing his Cheetos, and we went into definitely the best Cheetos-themed song parody of the night, though it sounded like Kutcher at times Making a “Jamaican Voice” When Singing What Was Unfortunate The ad’s premise that Cheetos are so delicious that wealthy celebrities want to steal them is well known but also annoyed me inappropriately that premise only works when they are animated characters and sugary breakfast cereals as animated characters have no money and therefore have to steal to survive.But Mila Kunis can clearly afford to buy her own bag of Cheetos A. shton Kutcher can clearly afford to buy his own Cheetos bag if his wife steals his first bag, and while I’ve always classified Shaggy as the Funyuns type, he can certainly afford to buy his own Cheetos too, in summary Cheetos disgusting

Default website maker Squarespace brings us a parched Dolly Parton with a reworked version of their 40-year-old hit “9 to 5” This new version is called “5 to 9” and is a reminder of the hours outside of business when corporate gears run their business Getting out of the cubicles and working on their sideline hobbies like dance fitness and topiary design. The idea is that these extracurricular activities can be more easily followed with a Squarespace website I’ll buy it! Even so, during the week, the entrepreneurs featured in the ad were all busy in their cubicles even though the workday was up, which means that regardless of which website provider they use, they’ll remain tied to their day jobs until they die. Pretty dark stuff, Squarespace!

Take this, Budweiser! Samuel Adams begins his Super Bowl ad with “Your Boston Cousin” – the brand’s Masshole Pitchman – untying a suspiciously known team of Clydesdales from their belts so they can roam the streets terrorizing everyone they meet think it’s a strong metaphor for the way American macrobrew conglomerates are trying to grossly run over slightly smaller American macrobrew conglomerates I don’t know.I enjoyed the fakeout at the start of the ad – if I hadn’t already known Budweiser wasn’t advertising this year’s game, I would totally have fallen for the trick – and I liked it better than many of the other beer ads in this one Year ago I didn’t have to play a 45 second guessing game with myself to find out it was a beer ad, but I’m also not sure when or why exactly Sam Adams decided to create a new brand as his own favorite Beer from loud, stupid guys from Saugus

Timothée Chalamet is Edgar Scissorhands – Edgar, not Edward, understand? – and Winona Ryder is his mother in an ad for the Cadillac Lyriq, an electric car with a kind of hands-free function Or something like that? This was one of the places where the part of the ad that we refer to a movie from the 90s – which was very entertaining! – overshadowed the part of the ad where we are selling you on this car This is a problem when trying to promote a very specific role as that role isn’t just about cars in general like most Auto Ads is the case, however, I am sure that if you show up at your local Cadillac dealership and ask them to tell you about the Scissorhands car they will be happy to help

Anheuser-Busch spent millions of dollars running a spot promoting … the concept of beer? This sentimental place wanted to portray and clarify the situations when it is appropriate to ask someone to have a beer with you.The answer, according to the ad, is basically all situations from snow on your car to completing an orchestral performance to working in In a restaurant kitchen, there are no life situations that can and should be improved by drinking with others around you. Although the ad was produced well, it also struck me as a bit redundant, as I firmly believe that you have no one to care for Super Bowl decided to convince you that drinking beer with friends can be a bonding experience

I think I understand what Jeep was up to in its very lengthy and preaching commercial where Bruce Springsteen poked around at a random church in Kansas while rummaging about the need for American unity, but I don’t understand why the automaker That thought that particular message was the one America needed to hear from them, rather than a message about cars, for example. “The Middle has been a tough place to be lately,” said Springsteen, who appears to be spending his days cruising the heartland in an open jeep to wander “Between red and blue … between our freedom and our fear” Good, ok. But the middle is not inherently virtuous and you cannot effectively advocate for unity while completely eliminating the reasons that divide our nation Also, the jeep in the ad had no roof and Bruce Springsteen looked very cold. Rough ad, not enjoyed

Ever wanted to cheat on your partner with a virtual assistant? If so, then Amazon Alexa has a Super Bowl ad for you! This year’s Amazon Alexa ad – I always hate these Alexa ads for what seems to me to be smug shallowness, and I’m not sure if that says more about me or about these ads themselves – calls for Alexa as an actor Michael B takes physical form Jordan, who is forced to do a series of sultry chores by the woman who controls him, much to the chagrin of her husband. The commercial ends with the woman moaning in pleasure while leaning her body against a window expresses immersed in erotic fantasy: a preview of a harrowing future in which all human sexual pleasure is conveyed through Amazon robots

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Super Bowl 2021 Commercials, 2021 Superbowl Commercials

World News – United States – The best (but mostly worst) Super Bowl 2021 commercials