SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – 27 SEPTEMBER: Andy Dalton # 14 of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Abbie Parr / Getty Images)

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – 15 NOVEMBER: Denver Broncos head coach Vic Fangio (Photo by Chris Unger / Getty Images)

Quarterback Andy Dalton experienced a whirlwind in 2020 From the Cincinnati Bengals last off-season to helping the Dallas Cowboys before starter Dak Prescott went down with an end-of-season injury in Week 5 – Dalton has seen it all despite a slow start Dalton has looked impressive behind the center since leading the Cowboys to a clutch win over the Vikings in Week 11, proving he still has it

There are several teams around the league that could use Dalton’s services in 2021. Coming to camp as a starter and using the entire off-season to get to know the system of your future team could lead to favorable results for the team that decides to sign the heavily armed passerby in 2021 that means there are specifically three teams that should call to get Dalton as a starter

It might be time that Denver Broncos team president John Elway finally ended the Drew Lock experiment.The Broncos continue to have a strong defense, but their efforts consistently fall by the wayside with the sales that Lock made on this may change next season as the team decides to use Dalton as their first starter in 2021

Dalton can make this Broncos team one of those surprising wild card teams in the AFC With wide receiver Courtland Sutton next year and Melvin Gordon in the backfield, they can add another offensive talent with their selection in the first round, to round off your reliable options on the skills positions

If you bring in Dalton, that franchise will get a bridge quarterback so they can click the reset button in the “franchise quarterback” situation. When Dalton comes in with a chip on his shoulder, his demeanor could be one that gives this offense an advantage

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Andy Dalton

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