Gervonta “Tank” Davis has been boxing since the age of 5 Now, at 25, he is a three-time world champion with a 23-0 record, 22 of those fights won by knockout. his promoter and mentor, Floyd Mayweather Jr, is known for his meticulous and calculated style, Davis is violent, explosive and relentless One of his fights in May 2016 lasted only 41 seconds

Davis was born and raised in the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood of West Baltimore, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the US. Several of his friends, including his trainer’s son, died there. was not raised for love, “says Davis” I was not raised by my parents I was raised by my grandmother, but at one point even she started to leave the house, so I am high “

After school, Davis would go straight to the gym The problem was that the school left at 2:30 p.m., but the gym didn’t open until 4 p.m. “I would sleep in front of the gymnasium,” Davis says “Les people from the daycare opposite called me the police… and all the time I was thinking that the future would be bigger, better “It turns out he was right His future would be

Despite such a hectic childhood, Davis is a survivor – grounded, humble and determined to achieve one thing: the pinnacle of boxing Here are some of the many lessons you can learn from his experience on how to overcome obstacles. , overcome the pitfalls of your environment and become a champion

Part of the reason Davis survived – and is now thriving – is because he recognized early in life that everyone needs someone, no matter how tough they think they are

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“You need guidance in life – period,” he said “You need people in your corner to show you the ropes, inside and out. that I had My trainer told me: “Stay focused You could get as tall as you want ‘”

Nature is blind and ruthless Life is hard and trial and error are the cruelest teachers of all Because no one is born knowing everything, we must rely on each other to survive and fill in the gaps of our understanding of the world and how it works Without someone in your corner who you trust and take care of, you have to make these decisions yourself, and if you’re not careful, the consequences could cost you everything.

Distractions are usually caused by a lack of focus, a lack of interest in what you should be focusing on, or the intensity or novelty of what is distracting you. Doing a million things at once won’t get the job done. that at a million below average results And for Davis, distractions could have been fatal – so unwavering focus was a non-negotiable for him

“When I got there there were a lot of guys who couldn’t stay focused because they needed the money now, he said” Boxing saved my life because I saw what was happening outside the gym I knew if I was at the gym and focused on one thing it would be hard for me to get in trouble It got a little harder when I got older but when it was time to go to the gym, I was in the gym no matter what “

Our eyes are always fixed on something So if you let distractions interrupt your focus your goals will always elude you But, if you are serious about yourself, your life and the goals you have for yourself, choose what you stare wisely So never take your eyes off her

“One thing my trainer got into my head is if you believe you can do something, then you can do it, no matter what,” Davis says “It doesn’t matter if it seems like it’s too far If 10 people tell you you can’t do it, all you need to do is believe in yourself and keep working to achieve it, and you will get there It might not be now, it might not be in a week or a year, but you will get there if you stay focused “

As beliefs form they become the compass of our life, acting as the subconscious guide behind every decision we make Like Davis did, don’t focus on who or what is around you Focus on who you could be We all have untapped potential Acknowledge it, then believe in yourself like your life depends on it, because If you don’t, no one else will

A success trap is when someone focuses too much on historical successes rather than continuing to push the boundaries and prepare for future successes This manifests in many ways, complacent businesses quitting to innovate to competitive athletes whose growing ego replaces the skills that earned them their initial success

“When I started with Mayweather and he took me everywhere, there was something that already told me ‘I did it'”, said Davis “But that was the difference between me and the other fighters Other fighters were around him and thought they had succeeded and kept going, but I made it up You want to catch up before it’s too late “

Davis closed our interview with this advice “Stay focused, stay humble, stay out of trouble, find someone who cares about you and just be the best person you can be. Be better than yesterday”

Stephen Espinoza, President of Even Sports Programming at Showtime, told World Boxing News this month that “For boxing to be at its best, the best fighters must fight the best fighters Tough fights matter …” And Davis’ pay-per-view debut this Saturday, Oct.31 against 39-1, quadruple world champion Leo Santa Cruz, will certainly be the toughest yet.

When I asked him how he dealt with the growing demands of boxing super celebrity, his response was simple “Go through my next opponent” We would all be wise to do the same

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