In the brief history of streaming wars, 2020 has already witnessed the sharp rise and fall of various face-to-face contacts – consumer entertainment services Disney Plus flourished beyond the wildest expectations Quibi faltered and faded in less than one, well, you know

With the streaming market continuing to saturate, TV viewers are in a similar pandemic in the New Year – encouraged to stay home, tired of staying home, and craving for distraction that makes the global launch by Discovery Plus on Jan 4 a potentially random ointment that is the ultimate in convenience: a streaming service that’s filled to the brim with home improvement plans, cooking shows, and at least three “90-day fiancé” spinoffs

“I see the potential in Discovery Plus to be a pretty solid midsize DTC service – nothing like Disney or Netflix, certainly – but wide enough and big enough and interesting enough to be pretty successful”Tim Nollen, Macquarie equity analyst, told Variety

The platform that premiered in UK and Ireland will have over 50 originals and 55Includes 000 previously broadcast episodes from Discovery’s own channels, including HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Animal Planet, and others

New shows include “Amy Schumer Learns to Cook: Uncensored”, “American Detective with Lt Joe Kenda”, “Monster Garage”, “BattleBots: The Bounty Hunters”, “Judi Dench’s Wild Borneo Adventures”, “House Hunters: Comedians on unfiltered sofas “” Toddlers and tiaras: where are they now? “And” Say yes to the dress: In case of illness and health “It will also give a first glimpse into the programming of the home improvement gurus Chip and Joanna Gaines and their soon to be started Magnolia network

As with any new streamer launching in this competitive landscape, the question is whether viewers will make room in their monthly budgets for another service Discovery Plus starts at $ 499 per month for the elementary level and $ 699 each Month for an ad-free version

The biggest question for Guggenheim stock analyst Michael Morris, however, is whether the service’s programming and content genre will drive subscriber growth and adoption, as it did with “The Mandalorian” for Disney Plus and “Game of Thrones” for HBO was the case or whether it will be a free service for Discovery’s linear compatriots

Discovery Execs estimate the total addressable market for Discovery Plus to be 70 million households in the USAS and at least 400 million worldwide Nollen expects the service to attract 10 million subscribers by the end of 2021, which would be “a pretty decent number.” Morris sees Discovery Plus’s first year in the market with 16 million subscribers worldwide by the end of 2021 higher number, an “attractive growth rate” ”

However, expanding a streaming service as an old entertainment company comes with compromises. Given the ubiquity and attraction of discovery networks in traditional cable bundles, who hasn’t unexpectedly spent an afternoon falling into a marathon of “Love It or List It” or “Beat Bobby Flay” getting involved? – Market watchers will keep an eye on the streamer’s impact on traditional linear cable subscriptions

“It has the very interesting potential of accelerating the decline of the traditional bundle even further, so it’s something of an offset,” said Nollen. “This is why I think Discovery has waited so long for its service to start On the one hand, they had to wind up existing carriage agreements and make renewals to negotiate such things.But Discovery is perhaps as much or no more committed to the traditional linear bundle than anyone else, so offering such a service carries the risk of further cable cutting, which has always been the case its elixir of life over the years ”

Starting with a huge library of thousands of hours of programming is generally rated positively. The main attraction of Disney Plus arguably isn’t the originals, but the treasure trove of Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and classic Disney films and – Shows Meanwhile, Apple TV Plus raised its eyebrows at launch because the shelf of library content was significantly smaller. Discovery Plus benefits from years of shows on the Food Network, as well as from HGTV and OWN and the Travel Channel

“A huge library … is more of a risk to linear service for me, as I don’t know that people absolutely need to watch the latest live episodes from the Food Network and HGTV when they have all these years” That kind of thing of shows [on Discovery Plus] and you just like to watch them casually, “said Nollen.” You know, why don’t you just get it for five dollars a month and cut the cord? ”

Both Nollen and Morris note that sport is keeping the linear bundle of cables alive, but this could go both ways for Discovery Plus subscribers if they love the streamer so much that they listen to less analog TV, a cable subscription may be redundant if however, if they are sports fanatics, they are unlikely to give up on the package anyway

“Our view was that you had to do it – it’s not about whether you want it or not, if you don’t, you lose the audience,” says Morris of entering the streaming market. “And that is obviously very evident in both ratings and decreases in subscribers to the Pay TV package so if you are not streaming your content you are just denying what the consumer and your competitors will be delivering if you try to not to protect realistic old economies ”

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