Louisiana representative Cedric Richmond will join President-elect Joe Biden’s White House, leaving the New Orleans House seat he has held since 2011

Richmond will serve as Senior Adviser to the President and Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement. The 47-year-old former President of the Black Caucus in Congress was Biden’s co-chair and close ally during the 2020 race and is now set to become the highest-ranking black assistant to the president-elect


Richmond spoke of his new role on Tuesday at the same time that the transition team announced other senior roles in the White House and the congressman said he would resign his seat before January 20, Biden’s inauguration day.

“So this new role will allow me to advise the president when he wants it, maybe sometimes when he doesn’t,” he said.

Richmond is considered a confidant, early supporter and loyal agent during the election campaign, and provides a direct line for democratic leadership in the House, which has come under heavy criticism from its party rally after the election that saw the majority weak and led to an exchange of accusations between moderate members and outspoken progressives were the Democrats Worried about the possibility of House members leaving to join the administration and likely losing those seats to the Republicans, but Richmond is a dark blue and news of his departure has already sparked a conflict among the state’s Democrats eager to fill.

Richmond described it as “one of the hardest decisions” of his life, and said, “I will not leave the Louisiana people, I will not leave the people of Second Congressional District. I New Orleans through and through I bleed black and gold.”

CNN previously reported that Richmond was thought to be under consideration for multiple roles in the West Wing

South Carolina representative James Cleburn, the influential congressman whose endorsement helped Biden win the South Carolina primary and revive his campaign, said last month that he would like to see Biden pick Richmond for the cabinet position.

“If not in the cabinet, certainly in the administration somewhere I think Cedric has one of the best political minds I’ve ever encountered,” Claiborne told the Washington Post. There are a lot of young people like these who need to participate

Richmond is currently chair of the Congressional Black Caucasian Foundation, serves on the House Ways and Means Committee, is a member of the New Democratic Coalition and is the House Democrats’ assistant for the majority whip

Biden is expected to announce who will hold the highest positions in his administration in the coming days and weeks. His first decision on personnel was choosing Ron Klein as the new Chief of Staff last week.

The Biden campaign announced several senior White House personnel on Tuesday, including: Mike Donilon, Biden’s chief campaign strategist; Steve Richetti, Biden campaign chief Jane O’Malley Dillon, Biden’s presidential campaign manager; Dana Remus, Biden campaign general counsel; Julie Rodriguez, deputy campaign manager for Biden’s campaign; Annie Tomassini, Biden’s mobile chief of staff, members of the soon-to-be First Lady Jill Biden’s office have also been announced.

Cedric Richmond

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