Governor Ron DeSantis rejects any domestic travel restrictions to or from Florida as part of the pandemic

“I think it would be unconstitutional, it would be unwise, and it would be unjust,” DeSantis said

During a press conference on Thursday in Port Charlotte, DeSantis brought up his thoughts on the matter after President Joe Biden’s administration pondered travel restrictions due to the current COVID-19 mutations that are advancing in reversing the Pandemic threat

The Florida governor said restricting Americans’ freedom to travel freely “while illegal aliens could flow undisturbed across the southern border would be a ridiculous but very harmful farce”

DeSantis is therefore eager to fight back if the opportunity arises that “it is not based on science It would just be a political attack on the people of Florida”

US. Senator Marco Rubio sent a letter to Biden Wednesday describing all Florida travel restrictions as “ruthless and economically harmful.” He stressed the potential impact this can have on the state’s businesses and economy


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