Jackson volunteered to be the caretaker of Civil War Veteran James Bolin when she was a young woman and he, a neighbor, was in his finale for years He appreciated her help but couldn’t afford to pay her – so he offered to marry her so that if he died she would inherit his Civil War pension. The two were married in 1936 when she was 17 and he was 93. Jackson told few people about the marriage and Jackson did not want to invite violent gossip about the arrangement. She kept her name and continued to live in her own house after the marriage, although she still looked after Bolin until his death in 1939

It was only in the past few years while planning her own funeral that Jackson revealed the truth of her early marriage.Before the reveal, Maudie Hopkins, who died in 2008, was the last known surviving widow of a Civil War veteran Jackson’s marriage was to the daughters of the Civil War Union veterans confirmed by testimony and a notation of the ceremony in Bolin’s family Bible. Jackson never remarried and was active in her community as a member of her local gardening club, historical society, and other groups

“Mr. Bolin really took care of me. He wanted me to have a future and he was so nice ”- from an interview with Our America magazine

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